Korean media site reports that Lee Jun Ho and Yoona are dating

A Korean media outlet reported that Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona were not just drama co-stars, but also real-life lovers.

On July 3rd, news outlet The Proof reported that according to an industry insider, Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona have developed a romantic relationship. The insider even said that the two’s romance started even before filming JTBC’s “King the Land”, and the reason they worked together on this project was because of their relationship.

 Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona

Since 2021, Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona have been receiving praise for their fantastic “couple dance” as co-MCs for the “MBC Song Festival” for two consecutive years.

As a result, fans eagerly anticipated them as a representative combination they wanted to see in a drama. Finally, the two were cast in the roles of a third-generation conglomerate heir and a bright and courageous hotelier in “King the Land”, raising expectations.

 Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona

Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona, who are of the same age, debuted in the entertainment industry around the same time with their respective groups, 2PM and Girls’ Generation. After their successful idol activities, they have also successfully transformed into idol-actors and continue to gain popularity.

Thanks to these commonalities, they naturally became close to each other and are continuing their serious relationship, The Proof said.

 Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoona

This “real couple chemistry” is contributing to the success of “King the Land”. 

On the other hand, the agencies of Yoona and Jun Ho, SM and JYP Entertainment, claimed that they haven’t heard of the news and is confirming it with their artists.

Source: The Proof

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