Luxury brands are “ignoring” artists under JYP Entertainment? 

Netizens are questioning why there’s a severe lack of ambassadors for luxury brands, who are under JYP Entertainment.

On March 29th, a post titled, “JYP is the only one” was published on the Korean forum Pann, gaining massive attention. In the post, it was stated that among large entertainment agencies (SM, YG, HYBE), and famous small and medium agencies (Starship, Cube, etc…), JYP is the only one without any artists becoming ambassadors for luxury brands. 

The original poster later corrected themselves, mentioning that NMIXX is the ambassador for luxury fashion brand LOEWE. However, the lack of luxury ambassadors in JYP is still visible, and netizens couldn’t help but raise questions, wondering how famous artists under JYP, such as TWICE, ITZY, and Stray Kids, are being overlooked by luxury brands. 

Even more, in recent years, K-pop has become a global sensation, with the fame and influence of Korean artists skyrocketing and attracting the attention of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Celine, and Saint Laurent. Many idol groups, from big names like BTS and BLACKPINK, to fourth-generation stars like NewJeans, IVE, and aespa, have been selected as brand ambassadors by these high-end fashion houses. The trend of luxury brands continuously announcing K-pop idols as ambassadors is becoming more apparent, so it remains a question that, “why not JYP?”

JYP Entertainment

Fans have speculated various reasons. Most agree that the main reason stems from the company’s focus on music and entertainment rather than advertising. In particular, JYP artists are known for their regular comebacks, and the company’s stable revenue from album sales and concert tours so far exceeds the profits from being brand ambassadors.

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment has always prioritized group activities over individual projects, contrary to YG Entertainment’s approach. Some fans believe JYP may have learned from Miss A’s case, where the immense fame of Suzy overshadowed other members, ultimately leading to the group’s disbandment.


Today, K-pop idols becoming ambassadors for luxury brands is a source of pride for fans.  Regardless, having prestigious brand partnerships does not affect an idol group’s reputation. For JYP and its artists, whether or not they collaborate with luxury brands, they continue to thrive in their unique way. In the end, there’s nothing wrong with artists being known for their talent and musical contributions, instead of luxury brand deals. 

Source: Pann, Billboard

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