Suzy’s “nation’s first love” beauty successfully robs heart again 

Singer and actress Suzy boasts her lovely beauty through newly-published photos, which were taken in Thailand.

On March 30th, singer-actress Suzy posted several photos on her Instagram, along with the caption, “A while ago in Thailand.”

In the published photo, Suzy can be seen enjoying a happy time in Thailand while taking various selfies. 

One of the photos shows Suzy wearing a lovely dress and smiling brightly. At the same time, she added a touch of her own loveliness with heart earrings and a matching necklace. 

Meanwhile, other photos reveal Suzy’s naturally tied hairstyle and bare-faced visuals, showing off her innocent beauty without makeup. In addition, Suzy’s short, straight bangs made her even more lovely, and her facial features were clearer. All the images truly make the female star befitting her title of “the nation’s first love”.

Furthermore, Suzy also drew attention for wearing a sleeveless shirt in one of the images, showing off her slim figure.

Seeing the photos of Suzy, netizens can’t help but express their admiration, leaving comments such as, “As expected.. A pretty girl is pretty no matter how she takes her picture…”, “You are so beautiful”, and “How can you get prettier every time I see you??”.

On the other hand, Suzy is preparing for the release of the upcoming Netflix series “Doona!”

Source: Nate

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