MBC’s Controversial Promotion for New Drama “Joseon Attorney”: Attacking SBS’s “Taxi Driver 2”?  

MBC recently engaged in promotional activities that targeted a competing drama during the same broadcasting time. 

Rather than promoting the strengths of their own drama, MBC posted negative comments about a rival broadcasting company’s drama, causing discomfort among netizens.

On March 29th, the official drama account of MBC posted a promotional article for their new Friday-Saturday drama “Joseon Attorney,” which will premiere on March 31st. 

Joseon Attorney poster

The promotional poster features a picture of actor Woo Do Hwan, who plays the main character in “Joseon Attorney”, along with the phrase “Take an illegal taxi ride for revenge? We will seek revenge legally.”

Some netizens who saw the post criticized the advertisement for attacking SBS’s currently airing drama, “Taxi Driver 2.” 

taxi driver2

“Taxi Driver 2” is a private revenge drama about a taxi company and its driver, Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon), who seek revenge for unjust victims. “Joseon Attorney” is a drama set in the Joseon Dynasty about an attorney who seeks revenge through a trial against an enemy who killed his parents.

Although the two dramas share the common keyword of “revenge,” they are entirely different works. Was there a need to criticize the revenge in “Taxi Driver 2” as “illegal” while emphasizing that the revenge in “Joseon Attorney” is “legal”? Instead, this promotional phrase only increased resentment towards “Joseon Attorney.”

taxi driver2

“Taxi Driver” has been a successful drama, having achieved a viewership rating of 15% in its second season. The recent 10th episode of “Taxi Driver 2” recorded a 17.7% viewership rating, surpassing the previous season’s highest record. 

It is expected that “Taxi Driver 2” will continue to hold the top spot in its broadcasting time slot until the end. Nevertheless, MBC’s promotion for “Joseon Attorney” that attacks “Taxi Driver 2” is an unfortunate decision that only makes the situation worse. 


Netizens have criticized this promotion, calling it “very inappropriate,” “bashing ‘Taxi Driver 2’,” “I don’t want to watch ‘Joseon Attorney’ because of the staff,” and “ridiculous.” Some believe that it is just humor or a joke and not an actual attack on “Taxi Driver 2.”

Viewers are also curious about whether the legal revenge storyline in “Joseon Attorney” will resonate with viewers and bring entertainment value.

Source: Daum

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