Lee Jong-suk revealed the reason why he chose “Big Mouth” as his comeback drama after being discharged from the army

Actor Lee Jong-suk is struggling with blood, sweat, and tears in “Big Mouth.”

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” tells the story of a lawyer being caught up in a murder case and becoming a rare genius fraudster “Big Mouse” overnight. 

As actor Lee Jong-suk (playing Park Chang-ho) selected this drama as his next work, fans’ expectations are soaring as the actor heralds a transformation that has never been shown in his previous dramas. People are curious why he chose “Big Mouth” and not others.

Lee Jong Suk

First of all, Lee Jong-suk explained the reason why he chose the work, saying, “I had so much trust and friendship with director Oh Choong-hwan that I wanted to have fun working with him as I did in the past.” He added, “The irony of an ordinary lawyer being suspected of being a genius fraud was very interesting,” adding, “I thought I could show a new side through Park Chang-ho who goes back and forth between good and evil to survive.”

Regarding the first impression of the character Park Chang-ho, who was falsely accused, Lee Jong-suk said he felt sorry for Park Chang-ho, who became a genius fraudster overnight and was suffering from having to go to prison.

Lee Jong Suk

In addition, he replied that his view of Park Chang-ho has changed since he finished filming. “Now, when I see Park Chang-ho, I think he’s a very strong character rather than a normal character. I hope viewers will check what this strength means through the broadcast,” he explained, raising interest in this character.

In addition, Lee Jong-suk said, “Lawyer Park Chang-ho and genius fraudster Park Chang-ho are the same person, but they have different goals and feelings.” “I tried to act out the emotions that fit each person’s situation,” he confessed.

Lee Jong Suk

Finally, Lee Jong-suk said, “Big Mouth has a complex mix of characters. I want you to pay attention to what the real intentions of these characters are and what kind of bare faces are hidden behind the turbulent events,” he said. “Since it’s a powerful story, you’ll be able to watch every episode.”

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth,” which will feature actor Lee Jong-suk’s intense acting transformation, will air at 9:50 p.m. on July 29th.

Lee Jong Suk
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