‘National Treasure Idol’ BTS Jimin sent fans a special gift on ARMY’s day

BTS Jimin delivered a special gift for ARMYs

To commemorate the birthday of the fan club ‘Army’ on the 9th, BTS unveiled BTS x Street Gallery as a cooperative project of Google Art and Culture Lab.

Jimin introduced Danwon Kim Hong-do’s works such as “Mudong” and “Devata” through Marina Bay Sands Street Gallery in Singapore, and said, “I learned both modern dance and classical ballet. Dance gives me a real immersion and a sense of freedom,” he explained.

I like that dance is a common language that can express ourselves beyond culture,” he said, adding, “I remember when we performed traditional Korean fan dances. It was a very meaningful experience for me,” he said, referring to the 2018 MMA special stage “Idol”. 

This stage made a huge sensation on social media at the time with praise as a ‘national treasure-class performance’ by introducing Korea’s unique culture such as fan dance and hanbok to the world. He brought special honors to not only himself but also the entire group.

Jimin went on to say, “I started running a few years ago. Running, like dancing, helps you to be completely immersed and empty your mind. The sound of the wind passing by your ears when you run calms down all the noise in your head. It’s a great help to empty your mind,” he said, sharing his thoughts and experiences with Amphora and Sprinter statues.

We have always told people to be happy and love themselves. Now is the time to say those words to ourselves” adding, “I’ve been trying to listen to my feelings and wishes, and now I’ve come to feel that I can be happy on my own” said Jimin

In response, Koreaboo, an American Hallyu media, first introduced the artwork with the phrase ‘Be Always Happy’ among the paintings selected by Jimin, and said, “The work selected by Jimin truly gives a glimpse into his heart and life, and his journey of self-love” adding, “Jimin’s happiness and self-love are beautiful.

Source: daum

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