Lee Jin Ho reveals the reason Lee Seung Gi is hesitant to join “Master in the House 2”

Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho mentioned the relationship between SBS’s “Master In the House” and HOOK Entertainment. 

On November 29th, Lee Jin Ho uploaded on his Youtube channel a new video titled “Shocking exclusive news! ‘Master In the House’ drop-out, why? The real reason that causes Lee Seung Gi’s suffering”.

Lee Seung Gi, who is in conflict with his agency HOOK Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as ‘HOOK’), was recently rumored to leave SBS’s program “Master In the House 2”. In this regard, SBS said, “While waiting for Lee Seung Gi, we will start recording the new season with the existing members. It is still undecided when Lee Seung Gi will return”. They added, “We hope Lee Seung Gi solves everything well and come back soon.”

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Lee Jin Ho claimed, “SBS wants Lee Seung Gi. However, Lee Seung Gi is hesitant to join”. Lee Seung Gi plays the central role in “Master In the House”, and the cast members also decided to appear in Season 2 after hearing Lee Seung Gi would be with them. Then, what makes Lee Seung Gi reluctant to join?

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He explained, “HOOK is one of the production companies of ‘Master in the House’. Therefore, it’s like a table prepared by Kwon Jin Young”, adding “According to the data I got, HOOK and SBS have joined hands to co-produce 4 programs, including ‘Master in the House’, ‘Little Forest’, ‘Golf Battle: Birdie Buddies’ and ‘Circle House’. This information was not disclosed but insiders already knew about it.”

The Youtuber continued, “There is no way that Lee Seung Gi didn’t know. In order to completely cut his relationship with HOOK, he has no choice but to draw a line and refrain from appearing on ‘Master In The House’”.

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Why did SBS co-produce so many programs with HOOK? According to Lee Jin Ho, it was also because of CEO Kwon Jin Young’s great influence. Lee Jin Ho said, “A high-ranking executive of SBS’s entertainment department had a strong relationship with CEO Kwon. Apart from their business relationship, the two are actually close friends. Therefore, many projects were naturally co-produced”. He continued, “Lee Seung Gi can’t unilaterally refuse to appear on ‘Master in the House’. From his position, he is certainly very upset”, adding “As far as I know, Lee Seung Gi is hesitant. However, the production team is leaving all possibilities open and only waiting for Lee Seung Gi to come.”

Source: Nate

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