The image of BLACKPINK filming at the park has been leaked, revealing Lisa’s new hair color

The pictures of BLACKPINK, especially Lisa, at Everland have made fans crazy

BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fan community) were taken aback today (June 27) when photos of the four girls filming at Everland began to circulate on social media. Previously, there had also been speculations that the YG girl group had been spotted visiting Everland Amusement Park.

Many people believe that this schedule is related to a secret activity in the “4 + 1 Project” series that was previously released by YG to celebrate BLACKPINK’s 5th debut anniversary.

These unexpected images have made people crazy and raised a series of speculations. Many people believe that this is a recording activity for the group’s own reality show, BLACKPINK Diaries or BLACKPINK House.  Some people confidently believe that the 4 girls are filming the MV to prepare for the upcoming comeback. 

And as the most curious factor at the moment, Lisa naturally became the focus of attention. Her blonde hair color stood out in the frames taken by fans.  Lisa’s slightly curly hair makes people excited.  Previously, there were rumors that Lisa changed her hair color to prepare for her solo plan in July.

On a recent appearance with the group, Lisa wore a wig, causing fans to suspect that she had changed her hair color…
… many rumors said that she will have gray hair…
…but the blonde is the hair color she’s been hiding
Many people are looking forward to Lisa’s solo debut
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