Song Ji-hyo’s fashion received many compliments from professional models in the recent “Running Man” broadcast

Actress Song Ji-hyo, who was recently involved in a controversy over her styling, caught the attention of models with her trendy fashion.

Running Man

The broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” aired on the afternoon of January 16th showed the members receiving blind evaluations from models for their fashion. On this day, Song Ji-hyo appeared wearing sky blue balaclava and white sunglasses. Balaclava  is a kind of winter hat that completely covers one’s head and face and is considered a “hot” fashion item this winter 

Yoo Jae-suk and Ha Ha praised Song Ji-hyo, who has recently been more dressed more properly, saying she was cute. Moreover, Song Ji-hyo also received favorable reviews from professional models for her outstanding fashion.

Judge No.1 pointed out that all the items Song Ji-hyo was wearing were trendy items and explained that Balaclava is a style that has recently become popular in the fashion world. Judge No.2 also applauded Song Ji-hyo’s fashion sense, saying, “It looks trendy and is often seen on fashion runways”. 

Upon receiving compliments from the judges for her pretty styling, Song Ji-hyo could not hide her happiness and smiled brightly.

After giving harsh reviews for other members’ styles, Judge No.4 turned Song Ji-hyo and showed admiration for her fashion.

Song Ji-hyo, who gained many praises from the judges, ranked 3rd in the fashion rankings among “Running Man” cast members. Knowing Ha Ha, Yang Se-chan, and Song Ji-hyo were chosen in the TOP 3, “Running Man” members showed expressions as if they couldn’t understand the result.

In November last year, Song Ji-hyo drew much attention as she appeared with an unexpected “short cut” hairstyle for the first time in 20 years after her debut. Some netizens responded negatively to Song Ji-hyo’s hairstyle change, and fans even issued a statement saying, “We demand an improvement for Song Ji-hyo’s styling”. Fans also asked the company to replace Song Ji-hyo’s current fashion and hairstyle staff with professional ones since the actress’s stylings had been criticized a lot in the past.


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