Son Ye Jin shows off her elegant and high-end fashion sense in the new series ‘Thirty, Nine’

We are about to welcome a wonderful return of the actress in the new series ‘Thirty, Nine’.

Thirty, Nine Son Ye Jin

Thirty, Nine‘ is a female-themed drama with the story of 3 close friends played by Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun. The 3 met each other in high school and have been friends until now when they are almost 40. This work will be the emotional and beautiful daily stories of three 39-year-old women whose lives are about to turn to a new page.

Thirty, Nine Son Ye Jin

In the drama, Son Ye Jin plays Cha Mi Jo, the chief doctor of a prestigious dermatology clinic in Gangnam. She is a successful woman, as evidenced by the fact that she was able to open her own clinic in the middle of the busiest district of Seoul. Mi Jo grew up in a warm and happy family, she herself is a smart and caring person who does not like injustice and knows how to express her thoughts.

The elegant life of this character is also reflected in the fact that she still often goes to concert halls to listen to classical concertos even though she does not know much about them. She also loves playing golf and is so passionate about it that she plans to go abroad to learn more about it.

Thirty, Nine Son Ye Jin

Just a brief introduction is enough to see that Son Ye Jin‘s character Cha Mi Jo was born in a wealthy family. But whether that speculation is correct or not, the fact that the investment of Son Ye Jin for clothes in ‘Thirty, Nine‘ is not inferior to that of her in “Crash Landing on You” back in the day.

Thirty, Nine Son Ye Jin

Not many images of the character have been revealed yet, the drama hasn’t aired yet and fans have to wait a bit longer, however, after looking at some released photos, netizens are shocked at the cost of the costumes, accessories, jewelry that she wore in the drama.

Through the published image, we see a trendy, elegant, luxurious, and beautiful Cha Mi Jo. Her outfit looks simple but the price is very high. For example, she spent the equivalent of $660 for the outfit on the poster with a shirt and skirt, along with a pair of Tiffany & Co earrings that costs up to $8200.

In another image, the beautiful tiny flower-shaped earrings that Son Ye Jin wears are also from the above jewelry brand and cost $7500

Thirty, Nine Son Ye Jin

In this image, the cute simple shirt that Son Ye Jin wears also costs up to $660.

Thirty, Nine Son Ye Jin

Through some pictures released by the station, we can see Son Ye Jin‘s luxury and sophisticated fashion sense. Surely when the drama officially airs, fans can see many other expensive outfits that the actress wears.

Please look forward to Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji Hyun, and the colorful stories about 3 women approaching the age of 40 in the JTBC drama 39, which will air on February 16.

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