Lee Hye-ri X Lee Jun-young, already-anticipated “healing-inducing” chemistry (“May I Help You”)

Here comes wish-solvers who listen to and help with anything.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “May I Help You“, which will premiere on Oct 19th, unveiled character posters of Lee Hye-ri, Lee Jun-young, Lee Kyu-han and Song Duk-ho, who make your hearts warm just by looking at them.

“May I Help You” depicts a mutual aid project between funeral director Baek Dong-ju (Lee Hye-ri), who grants the wishes of the dead, and Butler Kim (Lee Jun-young), the only employee of Ildangbaek, which is a daily errand service.

The team play of the two butlers, who listen to and help with “anything” across the dead and the living, is scheduled to take place. The shivering but warm, ironic yet heartbreaking requests will give deep sympathy in pleasant laughter.

Meanwhile, the warm smiles of Baek Dong-ju, Butler Kim, Vincent (Lee Kyu-han) and Seo Hae-ahn (Song Duk-ho) in the released character posters add warmth. The phrase “May I help you?” makes people look forward to the performance of those who will become wish-solvers in their own ways.

Baek Dong-ju, a funeral instructor with a mysterious ability to talk to the dead by touching their hands, refuses to be destined for the ability that she does not know whether it is a blessing or a curse, but the more she resists, the more misfortune she receives.

The only way to save a life without money and luck is to grant the wishes of the dead, but she is sincere about being a solver who can make the wishes of the deceased come true.

Baek Dong-ju’s warm smile and firm eyes, added to the phrase “I will grant you anything”, make viewers look forward to her special performance in comfortably serving the last path of the deceased as well as the transformation of Lee Hye-ri, who will maximize Baek Dong-ju’s charm.

The smile of “Butler Kim”, the ace of Ildangbaek who listens to anything, also induces excitement. With his full level of visuals and services, he becomes an almighty butler who runs to wherever the customers want to do even the smallest things in the world.

Attention is focused on the performance of Lee Jun-young, who will complete a role of a lifetime through “Butler Kim”, a man of twists who reveals his solid inner side at important moments, as he and Baek Dong-ju start the mutual aid project as a fate community that listens to requests from customers from the other world.

In addition, the unusual aura of “Vincent” (Lee Kyu-han), the CEO of Ildangbaek, also steals attention. He is Kim’s troublesome uncle who doesn’t know where he’s going, but like the phrase “I’m happy”, finds everything in the world is positive and bright.

Vincent, who is the measure of happiness, flashes his gummy smile every time he appears, leading viewers to wonder if he will bring a new wind to the solemn daily setup. 

Another point worth paying attention to is Lee Kyu-han’s laughter and hard carry, who will maximize the clever charm of Vincent by being the undefeatable visual center of Ildangbaek that captured the hearts of local mothers. 

In the world of ‘The West Coast from the South Coast’, the bright and sultry vibe also attracts attention. Song Duk-ho, who will cheerfully unravel the extraordinary pure love of the west coast, is expected to revitalize the play.

On the other hand, the K-drama “May I Help You”’ is directed by Shim So-yeon, who was well-received through dramas like “Here’s My Plan” and “Welcome 2 Life”, and writer Lee Seon-hye, who participated in the “Reply” series and wrote “20th Century Boys and Girls”. The first broadcast will be on Wednesday, October 19th, at 9:50 PM (KST).

Source: Daum

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