Lee Dong-hwi, “Ryu Jun-yeol always gives positive influence to people around him. A younger brother from whom I can learn many things”

Ryu Jun-yeol successfully completed his first fanmeeting in three years.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, actor Ryu Jun-yeol held his 5th fanmeeting “JUNYEOL’s HOME” at YES24 LIVE HALL at 5 p.m on September 25th.

With the title of the fanmeeting “JUNYEOL’s HOME”, Ryu Jun-yeol, who has spent precious time celebrating his birthday with fans every year, added his desire to have a more comfortable and closer meeting with fans for the first time in three years since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Ryu Jun-yeol, who showed up while singing Sung Si-kyung’s “To You” – an OST of the “Reply” series, was the main character and also the MC of his own fanmeeting. Announcing the official start of the fanmeeting, the actor greeted, “It’s been such a long time. It’s been 3 years since I last met my fans through a fanmeeting. Nice to see you all again, I missed you so much. I’m happy and grateful that I’m meeting you in good health. Today’s weather is so nice and I think it’s such a good thing that I was born in the fall. I will perform passionately so that this can be a time that you remember for a long time.”

Since the fanmeeting was held on Ryu Jun-yeol’s birthday, the first thing he did was definitely having a birthday party with fans. When the cake appeared, fans sang a birthday song altogether, and the slogan event with the phrase “At this moment, we’re here together” also heated up the atmosphere at the fanmeeting. greatly moved by the overwhelming love of his fans, and Ryu Jun-yeol then took a commemorative photo with fans to capture that precious moment.

lee dong hwi

The fanmeeting also drew enthusiastic responses from fans with fun games and activities that have not been seen before, such as publicizing unreleased photos directly taken by Ryu Jun-yeol on his filming sets, “Room Chatting” corner to share various talks, “Ideal type world cup” corner that revealed the types of people who can easily become close to Ryu Jun-yeol, and the appearance of the surprise guest – actor Lee Dong-hwi.

When asked about the strengths of Ryu Jun-yeol, Lee Dong-hwi, who appeared as a surprise guest, said, “Jun-yeol always gives positive influence and energy to people around him. He’s a colleague and a brother from whom I can learn many things. His existence makes fellow actors love him. I want to meet Jun-yeol again in a drama again”, pouring out compliments for Ryu Jun-yeol.

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Also, Ryu Jun-yeol spent time answering questions and concerns asked by fans during the pre-event “Ryu Jun-yeol’s Golden Counseling Center” according to the personalities of his characters, such as “Lost” Kang-jae, “Believer” Rak, and “Alienoid” Mureuk. The actor turned on the mode of a “real brother” and gave sincere advice and consolations to fans with different confessions, from worries of minors to concerns about careers, based on his experience. 

Before wrapping up the fanmeeting, Ryu Jun-yeol shared, “Thanks to you all, I had such a good time on my birthday. Thank you for spending a long time with me today, and I hope to see you more often at closer distances. I will greet you with new works and new characters. It’s been a long time since we met, but I could feel that you listened to what I said very carefully, laughed, and sympathized with me. I’ll continue to walk this road silently, so I’d appreciate it if you could join the journey with me”, expressing his feelings.

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To express his gratitude to fans, Ryu Jun-yeol sang Baek Ye-rin’s “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault”, which he introduced as the story he really wanted to tell fans, as the ending song, leaving a deep lingering impression until the end. 

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun-yeol’s new movie “The Owl” and OTT drama “Money Game” are set to release soon.

Source: daum

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