AKMU continues to make netizens laugh with real-life sibling chemistry

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun’s realistic daily conversation was revealed. 

On Oct 20th, Lee Soo-hyun uploaded a picture on her Instagram story along with the caption “I only think of my brother”. The published photo contained a chat window between Lee Soo-hyun and a person saved as “Happy Man”. Lee Soo-hyun tagged Lee Chan-hyuk‘s SNS account in the post, which revealed that “Happy Man” was Lee Chan-hyuk.


Lee Chan-hyuk sent an article titled “[Breaking news] A 48-hour national pig stop order from noon today” and asked, Lee Soo (Soo-hyun), you have no schedules, right?” Lee Soo-hyun calmly replied to her brother’s joke, “Ah, yes, yes, thank you.” Then, Lee Chan-hyuk added, “What a relief. Fighting!” The daily conversation between the two siblings made fans burst into laughter.


Upon seeing this post, netizens showed various reactions such as “They’re indeed real siblings”, “It’s funnier that Soo-hyun doesn’t get affected at all”… Meanwhile, AKMU released the collaboration album “NEXT EPISODE” in July. Lee Soo-hyun also appeared in “Sea of hope” (JTBC), an entertainment program which ended recently.

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