Lee Do Hyun’s thoughts on the release of “The Glory”… “Acting, directing and storytelling, I’m confident”

Actor Lee Do Hyun shared his thoughts on the release of Netflix’s new series “The Glory”.

On Dec 30th, Lee Do Hyun expressed his feelings ahead of the release of “The Glory” (written by Kim Eun Sook, directed by Ahn Gil Ho) through “Yuehua Entertainment”.

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Lee Do Hyun plays the role of Ju Yeo Jeong. Ju Yeo Jeong is a revenge helper for the main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo). He looks like a flower in a greenhouse, but has dark and deep pain.

Lee Do Hyun said, “I’ve been waiting with anticipation of ‘When will it come out?’ while filming hard. I became more curious every time a trailer was released.

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He expressed his excitement, “I’m curious about the part I filmed, but I’m most looking forward to other seniors’ acting. I can’t wait to see PD Ahn’s directing as well.

He also pointed out the points viewers should focus on. He explained, “Each character has a very clear purpose. Please look forward to the characters’ conflicts and rising emotions.

lee do hyun the glory

“The Glory” tells the story of a former victim of school violence who seeks revenge on her bullies after taking up a job as a homeroom teacher at the elementary school of the bully’s child.

Lee Do Hyun has been accumulating filmography and has been recognized for his stable acting skills. He heralded a drastic acting transformation through “The Glory”.

the glory poster

Meanwhile, “The Glory” part 1 will be available on Netflix at 5 PM today (Dec 30th).

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