“Are you taking advantage of BTS’ fame?” Why do you ask Zico this question?

Producer and singer ZICO showed his professional and experienced aspect.

Zico held a press conference to commemorate the release of his fourth mini-album “Grown Ass Kid” at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Grand Ballroom in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on August 1st.

His new album, “Grown Ass Kid,” is the first album to be released in more than two years since the release of his third mini-album “RANDOM BOX” in July 2020. Above all, global music fans are paying keen attention as it is Zico’s first comeback since he was discharged from the military in April.

On the same day, Zico talked about various things such as how he felt during his time in the military, the process of working on the album, and plans for his activities. In particular, Zico emphasized his regret of not being able to communicate with fans often during the two-year hiatus and his efforts to meet fans’ expectations.

Among them, a reporter said at the end of the press conference, saying, “The previous questions were of such high quality and good.”

This reporter also mentioned J-Hope, a BTS member who appeared as the first guest of his content “5 Minutes: Give Me a Minute” (hereinafter referred to as “5 Minutes”) and asked, “Are you trying to take advantage of BTS’s influence?”

Zico literally burst into laughter. He was stunned by that unexpected question, but soon answered with a serious look.

Zico said, “The reason I invited J-Hope as my first guest is because we both have been so busy, and I thought it would be fun to meet him as a guest of ‘5 Minutes.’ He responded very enthusiastically to my interview. I didn’t think our conversation was awkward at all,” he shared.

“I think we got a good result because J-Hope accepted my invitation, thankfully. I am also grateful that BTS fans have shown such good responses,” he added.

We are also recruiting guests for the next episode. We can’t reveal it yet because it’s still in the filming stage, but I think there will be interesting contents in the future,” he hinted, adding to expectations.

Meanwhile, the title track “Freak” is a track that condenses Zico’s exciting vibe. The theme of the song, which talks about freaks who disturbed the whole city, combines dynamic vocals and melodies so that the audience can feel Zico’s energy with their whole body.

Zico’s new mini-album “Grown Ass Kid” can be found on various online music sites.

Source: daum

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