Summary of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Crazy Horse Performance: Just 10 Minutes, Gradual Stripping to End Up in Underwear

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently had a hot performance at the Crazy Horse cabaret 

BLACKPINK Lisa’s performance at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, France is attracting much attention. Lisa’s decision to perform at Crazy Horse in daring outfits has sparked controversy.

However, despite the mixed reactions, Lisa‘s first performance was successful. Although filming and photography were not allowed, audience members at the show have described Lisa’s performance.

Lisa appeared for about 10 minutes in the 1-hour and 27-minute performance

The show lasted for 1 hour and 27 minutes, including 20 segments. Lisa appeared in 5 segments: Taste Of Champagne, Miss Astra, But I Am Good Girl, Crisis? What Crisis!, Miss Astra Is Back.

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During her appearances, Lisa wore outfits like horse-riding attire with tight shorts, black boots, a short jacket, a fake diamond-studded dress, a shirt with an A-line skirt, and a black bikini. Although Lisa’s total stage time was only about 10 minutes, each time she appeared on stage, she left the audience in awe with dancing skills and stage presence.

Lisa excited the audience by throwing items towards them and gradually taking off her clothes, ending up only in underwear

One the hottest and “shocking” parts of Lisa’s performance was “Crisis? What Crisis!”. This was inspired by the Wall Street stock market. In the opening seconds, the LED screen showed scenes of a stock exchange, stocks falling, and a trading floor collapsing.

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Lisa was dressed like an office worker with a short skirt, a white shirt, and black glasses. She turned her back to the audience and pretended to read reports, showing distress over the stock market. Then, Lisa angrily pushed all the documents on the table to the ground and walked to a silver chair, where she began to dance.

Notably, in this part, Lisa got everyone in the audience on their feet by throwing items towards them. First, she untied her bow and threw it away, then her belt, shoes, glasses, and white shirt. The most shocking moment was undoubtedly when she unzipped her outfit and gradually removed all her clothes, ending up only in underwear. 

On Reddit, user ellemu0509 described: “I arrived late but still managed to watch ‘Crisis? What Crisis.’ Lisa wore black underwear, with a transparent top. She removed each piece of clothing, but everything was tastefully done.”

Jisoo was shy, while Rosé was very comfortable with Lisa’s performance

On the first night of the performance, Jisoo and Rosé were present to support Lisa. According to the audience present, Jisoo appeared quite embarrassed when the dancers or Lisa performed. Rosé had a completely opposite reaction and appeared quite comfortable. Throughout the performance, both of them smiled, talked a lot while cheering enthusiastically for Lisa.

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At the end of the show, Jisoo stood up during Lisa’s credits and called out her name. Both of them even made a heart with their hands to express their affection for Lisa. 

Source: K14

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