LE SSERAFIM’s “EASY” Criticized for Lazy Referencing, “Is their concept plagiarism”?

The latest comeback of LE SSERAFIM has been facing constant controversies, from disrespecting Christianity to “lazy referencing”.

LE SSERAFIM’s latest album “EASY”, which dropped on February 19, recently received a scathing review from South Korea’s music review magazine IZM, which is penned by prominent music critics. 

In this review, music critic Lee Seung-won pointed out the various “references” utilized in “EASY” in a rather negative tone. 

le sserafim

“The references used for ‘EASY’ are painfully lazy. B-side track ‘Smart’, which tackles a common Afrobeat sound, bears strong resemblances to Doja Cat’s ‘Woman’ both in style and melody line. Meanwhile, ‘Good bone’s rock-inspired intro immediately makes listeners think about Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Date with the Night’”, he wrote. 

According to Lee Seung-won, LE SSERAFIM’s “Swan Song” also heavily resembles SZA’s “Kill Bill” to the point of “evoking a sense of deja vu”. The track lazily modifies familiar sounds without much added creativity or freshness, he also said. 

In fact, even the title track “EASY” is being compared to Tyla’s “Water”, adding to the controversy. 

Below are some comments from netizens regarding the aforementioned review: 

  • Wasn’t “Antifragile” compared to Rosalía? HYBE is turning LE SSERAFIM into a copy-cat group. 
  • At this point, LE SSERAFIM’s concept is plagiarism 
  • The songs are doing well so it seems that their company will continue doing this
  • Sigh.. another comeback, another copying accusation 

On the other hand, LE SSERAFIM also stumbled into criticisms due to their indecent dancing and clothes at a church for the “EASY” MV

Source: theqoo, IZM, alk

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