BLACKPINK to collaborate with Bebe Rexha?

On May 20th (Korean time), a fan of BLACKPINK discovered a new song registered under BLACKPINK on the official website of KOMCA – the Korea Music Copyright Association. 

In particular, BLACKPINK is listed as the performer of the song “Fit For”, alongside American singer-songwriter BEBE (Bebe Rexha), suggesting a collaboration. 


On top of this, THEBLACKLABEL songwriter Danny Chung is also credited as a composer of the song. It is known that Danny Chung has participated in various BLACKPINK releases in the past, including 5 songs in “THE ALBUM” (“Lovesick Girls”, “How You Like That”, “Love To Hate Me”, “Pretty Savage”, and “Crazy Over You”), and most recently, 2 songs in “BORN PINK” (“Shut Down” and “Pink Venom”). 

The alleged collaboration between BLACKPINK and Bebe Rexha are thus drawing huge excitement and anticipation from fans and music listeners alike.

Source: KOMCA

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