Will Kim Eun Hee Reclaim Glory with Kim Tae Ri’s “The Devil” after The Failure of Jun Ji Hyun’s “Jirisan”?

Can Kim Tae Ri bring back the glory of screenwriter Kim Eun Hee that Jun Ji Hyun failed to achieve? 

Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee, who faced the biggest setback in her career with the criticism of her previous drama “Jirisan” (also known as “Mount Jiri” is making a comeback with the upcoming SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Devil”, set to premiere on June 23.

“The Devil” is a mystery drama where a woman plagued by a ghost and a man with the ability to see ghosts unravel a mysterious death. Kim Eun Hee, who has been recognized as a master of genre dramas through works such as “Signal,” and “Kingdom,” is drawing attention as she collaborates with SBS after about nine years.

However, when it was first announced that Kim Eun Hee and SBS would team up for “The Devil,” the public’s reaction was lukewarm. The news of Kim Eun Hee’s return to SBS came out during the “2022 SBS Showcase” held in December 2021, targeting advertisers, at a time when the drama “Jirisan” was being aired.

“Jirisan,” starring Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon (directed by Lee Eung Bok), had high expectations even before its broadcast. 


However, it received criticism from the first episode. The reasons were pointed out as awkward CG, background music that did not fit the flow of the drama, and excessive product placement (PPL) that hindered the essence of the story. There was also criticism of awkward acting by the cast also.

Furthermore, the pleasure derived from Kim Eun Hee’s meticulous development, intricate plotlines, and twists, which are her strengths, was absent. 

Doubts about Kim Eun Hee’s storytelling abilities continued to rise due to the scattered and drawn-out plot of “Jirisan”. Despite having exceeded the breakeven point with single-digit ratings and sold broadcasting rights domestically and internationally, “Jirisan” became a sad failure for Kim Eun Hee.

It is true that the public’s expectations for Kim Eun Hee’s next drama have fallen more than ever. However, it is also Kim Eun Hee’s responsibility to make up for it. 

Above all, Kim Eun Hee has the chance to reclaim her glory, just like Kim Eun Sook, who recently regained her pride and success through Netflix’s “The Glory” after the failure of her previous drama “The King: Eternal Monarch.”

It is also hopeful that Kim Tae Ri will take on the role of the main character in “The Devil.” Kim Tae Ri has taken on lead roles in high-rated dramas such as “Mr. Sunshine” and “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” becoming a key player in their success.

In “The Devil,” Kim Tae Ri portrays Gu San Young, a part-time worker who studies during the day and prepares for the 9th-level civil service examination at night. After receiving an heirloom from her father who passed away, Gu San Young gets entangled in mysterious deaths occurring around her and discovers her changing self.

kim-tae-ri The Devil

In addition, the drama features actors with proven acting skills, such as Oh Jung Se as Yum Hae Sang, a folklore professor who sees ghosts, and Hong Kyung as Lee Hong Sae, a detective who tracks down suspicious deaths.

Can Kim Eun Hee, who stumbled with “Jirisan,” showcase her power again with “The Devil” after two years? 

Source: Daum. 

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