Late Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua returned after 2 months

Moon Sua, the late Moonbin’s younger sister, resumed activities after about 2 months.

On June 14th, Moon Sua appeared as an MC for MBC M’s “Show Champion” alongside fellow Billlie member Tsuki and woo!ah! Nana.

billlie moon sua

After the broadcast, Moon Sua posted several photos of herself on Billlie’s official SNS, saying, “Belllie’ve (fandom name), you worked hard today. Don’t get sick, stay healthy and eat well.”

Moon Sua suspended all activities for about 2 months due to the sad news of Astro Moonbin, her older brother and senior singer.

Moon Sua guarded the mortuary throughout Moonbin’s funeral. On June 6th, Moonbin’s 49th day since death, Moon Sua expressed her longing for the deceased, “I still love you now and will continue to love you in the future without forgetting.”

Source: Wikitree

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