Landing at the same Paris Airport, Lisa is carefully protected while Jennie is mobbed due to lack of bodyguards

Jennie’s struggling situation at the airport upsets many.

For the past few days, BLACKPINK members have been busy with countless international fashion events. Throughout the last week of September, the media has followed closely Lisa and Jennie who have travelled to France to attend the Paris Fashion Week 2019.

When the controversial difference between the 2 members’ outfit is still a hot topic, fans now turn to gossip about how the girls were welcomed after a long journey from Seoul to Paris to attend Celine and Chanel’s fashion shows.

On Sep 26th, Lisa arrived at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris. Many fans had already waited at the airport to appreciate the real-life beauty of the Thai idol. Instead of the VIP gate, this BLACKPINK member has chosen to go through the regular gate to greet her fans. Surrounded her were a team of bodyguards to protect the idol from unnecessary contact with crazy fans. The idol herself was very happy and comfortable at the airport.

On Sep 29th, Jennie also left South Korea to go to France as invited by the well-known Chanel brand. The same as Lisa, a large crowd waited at the airport with lots of flowers and gifts for the girl. However, Jennie was only accompanied by 1 bodyguard to the car. The lack in security has caused a lot of difficulties for the female idol who had struggled to escape from the crowd. Throughout her way out of the airport, Jennie can only lowered her head while hiding next to the bodyguard.

The different scenes of these 2 BLACKPINK members in France have upset many fans who demand YG Entertainment to hire additional bodyguards to ensure Jennie’s safety. On the other hand, many think that arranging the bodyguard service is the brand’s responsibility, which means this is Chanel’s fault, not YG’s.

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