Kpop idols, who are the oldest in the groups but the youngest in the families

Despite being the youngest at home, many K-pop idols prove their instinct to be the eldest members when debuting in their groups.

Fans are constantly interested in learning more about their idol’s background and family ties. Where were idols born and raised, are they really the family’s only child or do they have siblings, and so on.

Many idols in Kpop are the youngest members of their families. Only a handful of the maknaes, however, became the oldest in their groups when they debuted.


As the oldest brother of BIGBANG but T.O.P is the youngest child at home. He has a beautiful older sister named Choi Hye Yoon. Along with her parents, T.O.P’s older sister often supports her brother at concerts.

Although he has never been a brother, T.O.P is still loved by his younger brothers in BIGBANG. In the program “Run, BIGBANG Scout”, Daesung wrote a letter to share that he is very proud to have an eldest brother like T.O.P.

The members all hope that T.O.P will not keep what he is worried about, but share it with his younger brothers. Those sincere words made T.O.P cry even though he always had a great image on stage.

The love that the eldest brother has for BIGBANG also touched many people. T.O.P once said, “Even if the public is tired, I will still be there with BIGBANG until the very end.”

Big brother T.O.P was touched when he heard the letter from his younger brothers.

2. Jin (BTS)

Jin is the youngest in a family of two brothers. His older brother – Kim Seok Jung is 2 years older than Jin and got married in 2020. In the show ‘You Quiz On The Block’, Jin once told that the Kim brothers were still fighting until high school. Because he was bullied all the time, Jin used to hate his brother.

However, that is just a general condition that anyone who has siblings has to go through. Currently, Jin and his brother are opening a Japanese restaurant specializing in steamed wooden dishes called Ossu Seiromushi in Seoul, South Korea.

Although he is the youngest son, when he debuted with BTS, Jin suddenly became the eldest brother of 6 youngers in the group. Jin got up 2 hours early to prepare food for V and RM to go hiking. Whenever the members have their own MV filming, Jin always comes to support his younger brothers.

As the oldest, but Jin is the one who often responds to the youngest Jungkook’s jokes. When V suddenly fell on the red carpet, Jin immediately fell to the ground so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Looking at Jin’s affection and kindness towards BTS, not many people think that he is the youngest child in the family.

Jin immediately fell to his knees when he saw V fall on the red carpet of the Golden Disk Award 2020.

3. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Jisoo once revealed that she is the most ugly person in her family because she has a brother and a sister whose visual looks so much like celebrities. Her older sister, Kim Ji Yoon, is currently working as a flight attendant. Netizens were really amazed when they were shown her beautiful face.

Born as the youngest in her family, there were many times that fans could see Jisoo, being an eldest of BLACKPINK, taking care of her younger sisters. When the members feel tired, she always gives good advice. When Lisa first came to Korea, it was hard for her to communicate in Korean, Jisoo was there to accompany Lisa.

Jisoo took care of Jennie during a group concert.

4. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar has a sister whose name is Kim Yong Hee. Since Solar opened her Youtube channel, her sister also appeared many times.

Solar shared that she had always been the youngest. Until she joined her company at 22, she became the eldest sister. Solar had to suffer many problems with this new experience. She used to not knowing how to give advice, how to be strict and scold her younger sisters in the group.

Solar rarely compliments her younger sisters. When they were young, MAMAMOO members used to quarrel a lot because they didn’t get to know the feelings of each other. After Solar realized her imperfections, other members also understood the hard times that Solar had been through and MAMAMOO members became closer to each other.

When the song TWIT ranked high on charts, Solar regetted. She hugged and cried with Hwasa for a long time. Being the eldest sister of the group, Solar learnt how to communicate considering her sisters’ characteristics.

Being the youngest, they usually receive most loves and cares from their family members. However, the youngest like Jin, Jisoo, Solar and T.O.P have all become the eldest in their groups to take care of their brothers and sisters.


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