Kpop Idols That Have ‘National’ Titles

The title of “national” is always considered a source of pride for a South Korean artist

“National Sisters” – Lee Hyeri and IU

Hyeri (Girl’s Day) and IU hold a special place in the hearts of the Korean people, earning them the nickname “national sisters.” Hyeri gained this title thanks to her adorable moments during her participation in the reality TV show “Real Man,” which endeared her to the South Korean media.

Meanwhile, IU, known for her pure and gentle image, also received much love and was bestowed with the title “national sweetheart.” This reflects the warm affection of the South Korean public toward her. In addition to IU and Hye-ri, former Wonder Girls member Ahn Sohee and actress-singer Jang Nara are also affectionately referred to as “national sisters.”

“National Living Treasure” – BTS


The South Korean Ministry of Education awarded the prestigious title of “National Living Treasure” to the BTS music group, also known as the Guardians of Important Intangible Cultural Properties. This title has been in use since the 1960s to honor individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to the preservation and promotion of Korean traditions and culture on a global scale.

Prominent figures who have received this esteemed title include “Parasite” director and Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho, footballer Son Heung Min, and figure skating queen Kim Yuna. BTS is the only idol group to have received this prestigious recognition.

“National First Love” – Bae Suzy


With her wholesome and sweet appearance, Suzy was affectionately bestowed the title “National First Love” by the South Korean public following her famous role in the romantic film “Architecture 101,” which tells the story of two architecture students who serendipitously meet in class and fall in love. Ten years later, the girl searches for her first love and seeks his help to build her dream house.

“National Girl Group” – Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and TWICE

Girls’ Generation was the first girl group to be belovedly designated as the “National Girl Group” by the South Korean public. The legendary girl group conquered the world with their music, talent, and charisma.

When the third generation of K-Pop debuted, this renowned title was also extended to TWICE, a popular nine-member girl group from JYP Entertainment.

“National Boy Group” – BigBang


BigBang earned the title of “National Boy Group” thanks to their outstanding success and long-lasting influence, not only in South Korea but also as one of the leading legends in the global music market.

“National Choice” – EXO


The talented music group from SM Entertainment, EXO, officially received the title of “National Choice” from the Korea Tourism Organization under the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism after being appointed as public ambassadors for this organization.

“National Sibling Duo” – AKMU


AKMU, the talented sibling duo consisting of Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun, is affectionately called the “national sibling duo” by the South Korean people. Both siblings garnered attention with their unique musical style and emerged as winners of the second season of K-Pop Star. AKMU began their activities under the management of YG Entertainment in April 2014.

“National Fairy” – Lee Hyori

lee hyori

With her beauty and mesmerizing charm, Lee Hyori captured the hearts of the South Korean people, making her a household name in the country. She earned the title “National Fairy” during her participation in the reality TV show “Family Outing.”

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