(G)I-DLE brought the whole sky of childhood to the stage to end the TOMBOY promotion

(G)I-DLE’s TOMBOY promotion has officially ended with a cute stage imbued with childhood.

In the latest episode of the music show “Inkigayo” aired on April 3, (G)I-DLE continued to extend the winning streak with the 7th trophy for the hit song “TOMBOY“.  The girls crushed 2 fierce opponents, Jay Park‘s GANADARA ft. IU and Feel My Rhythm of Red Velvet, took the throne with convincing scores.


This stage also closed the series of (G)I-DLE‘s TOMBOY promotions. To celebrate the successful comeback, the CUBE girl group “played big” by wearing costumes to cosplay their past self.  As a result, we have a very cute and funny mini version of (G)I-DLE, in stark contrast to the super cool tomboys like in the original MV.

(G)I-DLE – TOMBOY (Inkigayo April 3rd).

Looking at the picture, you can also see the enthusiasm and investment that (G)I-DLE has devoted to this “cosplay of the century“.  5 girls “impersonating” preschoolers but no one looks “fake“, the degree of imitation of the original must be up to 99%, not joking.

 Among the members, the oldest sister Miyeon is especially surprised by the incredible and spectacular visual makeover.  Those fans who used to call her boorish when she was a child, now “turn the car” at the same time because the beauty of the current eliminated BLACKPINK has reached the level that can be teased. In addition, another member, Yuqi, also made fans excited by the expression that hasn’t changed in 10 years, took over the cuteness of the world.

Some comments:

 – Weird idea, huh?  I fell in love watching the stage, oh my god!

 – I almost thought it was a comedy group, not a music group.

 – The blue glasses that once sealed Miyeon’s beauty are no longer valid.

 – Wow, why is Miyeon so pretty?  She’s more beautiful with her bangs. Low quality photos but high quality beauty!

 Although this is the last stage of TOMBOY, fans still confidently predict that the song will continue to win the trophy next week because of its strong digital score and virality on many platforms.  Up to now, TOMBOY has reached 142 PAK and attracted more than 515,000 ULs (unique listeners).  With quality music that suits the masses and boundless creativity, this success of (G)I-DLE is understandable.

 Some other pictures of (G)I-DLE in cosplay at the fansign:

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