Ji Hyun Woo signed with the new company founded by his longtime manager

Actor Ji Hyun Woo drew admiration for his loyalty to the manager who has accompanied him for a long time.

Royal T&M announced that they recently signed an exclusive contract with Ji Hyun Woo on January 10th. The agency said, “We’re very happy to be with Ji Hyun Woo again based on our longtime relationship. We will provide full support so that he can continue his unrivaled activities as an acting artist”, adding “As the actor has built a solid filmography and accumulated solid acting skills through various works, we will do our best to help him expand his acting spectrum even as a global actor through differentiated strategies.

Royal T&M is a new entertainment agency founded independently by CEO Kim Byung Sung, who worked as Ji Hyun Woo’s manager under the actor’s former agency for 10 years/

Ji Hyun Woo started his acting career through the drama “School Stories” in 2022 and immediately attracted keen attention with his neat and bright image as well as his stable acting skills. Since then, he has proved his distinctive presence through various dramas (“Old Miss Diary”, “Merry Go Round”, “My Sweet Seoul”, “Invincible Lee Pyung Kang”, “Queen and I”, “Trot Lovers”, “Angry Mom”, “Bad Thief, Good Thief”, “Risky Romance”, “Young Lady and Gentleman”, etc.), movies (“The Hotel Venus”, “Attack the Gas Station 2”, “Everglow”, etc.) and musicals (“Grease”, “The Promise” and “Kinky Boots”).

In particular, he raised public awareness by showing his long acting experience with heavy charisma when playing the role of Lee Young Guk in “Young Lady and Gentleman” (2021). Thanks to Ji Hyun Woo’s passionate performance, the drama maintained its ratings in the 30% range throughout the airing process, and renewed highest ratings for a KBS weekend drama since “My Only One” (2018~2019). Through this work, Ji Hyun Woo won the Grand Prize at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.

Ji Hyun Woo is also active as an all-around entertainer by taking charge of vocals and guitar in the band “SGO”. Accordingly, attention is focused on how Ji Hyun Woo, who joined hands with Royal T&M, will perform in 2023.

ji hyun woo

Meanwhile, actors Seo Woo Jin, Lee Chan Ho, Nam Yu Ra and Kim Gun Soo belong to Royal T&M, which signed an exclusive contract with Ji Hyun Woo.

Source: Wikitree

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