TWICE’s Jungyeon surprises netizens with her significant weight loss in latest photos

After only a month, TWICE’s Jungyeon has shown an unexpected change in her body shape.

Not long ago, TWICE’s Jungyeon drew much attention after she showed up with a noticeable weight gain. Knowing the reason behind her drastic change in appearance, fans and netizens all expressed empathy towards Jungyeon. In fact, the female idol was suffering from a herniated disc in her neck and psychological anxiety. Therefore, she gained weight due to the side effects of her medications. Jungyeon also had to suspend her activities with other TWICE members to focus on treatment and recovery. 

However, netizens have recently been taken aback by Jungyeon’s striking weight loss. It’s only been about a month, but in her latest photos looks like she has never gained weight. Through an Instagram post, although she wears a mask, fans can still see that her face has gotten thinner. Moreover, the TWICE member’s body has clearly become slimmer compared to before. Seeing her healthy and happy look, fans are glad and wish the female idol a speedy recovery.

TWICE Jungyeon
Jungyeon recently posted a series of photos taken in front of fans’ ad posters to celebrate her birthday. The female idol seems to have lost a lot of weight. 
TWICE Jungyeon
Jungyeon already has an impressive height of 1m67, so after losing weight, her body looks more well-proportioned 
TWICE Jungyeon
Even though she was wearing a mask, it is not difficult to see that her face has gotten smaller. Jungyeon looks pretty as ever even though the photos were taken at night and the quality is quite low.


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