Kpop female idol’s flawless visuals through online fansigns

Through the screenshots from online fansigns, Kpop fans get to see the authentic beauty of their idols more clearly.

Currently, lucky fans often have the opportunity to witness the beauty of K-pop female idols through meetings and conversations at online fansigns. From the screenshots revealed by fans, netizens are constantly stirring and praising the idol’s impressive and authentic visuals.

A series of K-pop beauties through screenshots from video calls with fans. 

Sullyoon (NMIXX)

Recently, the angelic beauty of the rookie female idol from NMIXX has continuously caused fever on social networking sites. She is considered as one of the female idols with the most outstanding visuals in the 4th gen. In these low quality screenshots, Sullyoon‘s face is still attractive with delicate and sweet lines. Especially the high nose bridge and the lovely big eyes.

Miyeon ((G)-IDLE)

Up to now, Miyeon is always mentioned in the list of the most beautiful beauties in K-pop. From the very first day of her debut with (G)-IDLE, Miyeon has been noticed by the public thanks to her incredible and unreal beauty. She received many compliments from her big bright eyes, high nose to her elegant and gentle aura.


Known as the “normal camera goddess“, Jennie confidently shows off her beauty in front of every camera lens. Jennie has a luxurious and attractive aura. In particular, the female idol also has smooth, healthy, and flawless skin. Dumpling cheeks are also a lovely feature of BLACKPINK’s main rapper.

Unlike her elegant and luxurious appearance on stage, Jennie is extremely cute when she meets fans. During video calls, as soon as she makes eye contact with fans, she smiles and waves hello. Jennie‘s beauty through the fan’s screen is very clear and sweet.

She is always fresh when talking to fans.


Lisa’s photos captured by fans in online chats are absolutely admirable. Originally known as a “living doll”, Lisa has big eyes with attractive curved eyelashes. In particular, BLACKPINK’s maknae is extremely friendly, treating BLINKs with kindness and tenderness. Lisa‘s eyes given to fans are both affectionate and sweet, so fans can’t stop swooning and showing off on their personal accounts.


During the promotion of the debut album -R- with the two songs On The Ground and GONE, Rosé had the opportunity to meet and talk with fans in an online fansign. However, on the phone screen is not only a beautiful “Australian rose”, but also another “rose”. As soon as they saw each other’s face, Rosé immediately exclaimed in surprise when that fan was actually Jennie. Thus, the screenshot of the video call session appeared with 2 sparkling visuals of BLACKPINK.

The frame shows up to 2 beautiful BLACKPINK visuals.

Yeji (ITZY)

Yeji has also won the hearts of fans many times with her particularly impressive beauty. ITZY‘s leader is famous for her long and slanted eyes that make her face look extremely sharp, attracting all eyes.

Yeji is super cute when talking to fans. 

If they are lucky to win a fansign ticket, fans will be able to admire this unique and eye-catching visual. In addition, despite having a cold face and aura, when facing fans, Yeji is very friendly.

Yeji’s bright smile during the meeting with a Vietnamese fan.

Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin is a female idol who has the ability to attract female fans. Facing her, fans can feel her charming aura and lovely smile. Many times, Ryujin‘s shimmering appearance made fans constantly praise. 

Irene (Red Velvet)

Referring to the beauty model of K-pop, netizens immediately think of Red Velvet’s Irene. She is famous for her perfect golden ratio face. The high nose and big eyes help the female idol attract all eyes. In particular, Irene has radiant and white skin, even with a simple dress and light makeup, the female idol can still be shimmering.

Although the picture quality is low, Irene’s visuals are high quality. 

Through the screenshots of Irene‘s chat with fans, this top-notch beauty is completely portrayed in the most authentic way. Her gentle, bright smile makes fans’ hearts flutter.

Her cute expression when fans asked which cheek is softer. 

Wendy (Red Velvet)

Besides the eldest member Irene, Wendy‘s stunning beauty also steals the hearts of many. Once considered a “visual flaw”, after successfully losing weight, Wendy‘s beautiful facial features became clearer with a small face and a bright smile. 

K-pop female idols are always famous for their outstanding beauty and gorgeous visuals that attract all eyes. Through photos revealed by fans after online fansigns, fans have the opportunity to see her face up close more clearly than usual.

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