Lee Hyo-ri: “Fin.K.L members, it was a bit uncomfortable in the past… We’re on good terms now”

Lee Hyo-ri mentioned the program “Camping Club” on which she appeared with Fin.K.L members.

On the April 15th broadcast of TVING’s original show “Seoul Check-in”, Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Jong-min, Shinji, DinDin and Eun Ji-won traveled to the ski resort for 2 days 1 night.

Eun Ji-won, who met Lee Hyo-ri after a long time, wondered, “How long have you been living on Jeju Island?” Lee Hyo-ri asked, “It’s been 9 years. How long have you been alone?”

Eun Ji-won replied, “It’s been exactly 10 years since I got married at 33 and was single again at 35.” When Lee Hyo-ri was curious about his girlfriend, Eun Ji-won answered firmly, “No. I don’t have any thoughts.”

Lee Hyo-ri nagged, “Isn’t it time to do it? You grew up, didn’t you?” Eun Ji-won responded, “Aren’t you mature?”

Seoul Check-in

Lee Hyo-ri said, “There is a sense of understanding and compromise to a certain extent” Eun Ji-won continued, “Things like that have existed for a long time. I still enjoy recreation, but you shouldn’t judge the season based on that.” In response, Lee Hyo-ri laughingly replied, “I’m glad you’re still immersed in something.”

When asked who he meets the most now, Eun Ji-won answered, “They are people from my company. It’s very hard to meet new people. I sometimes meet my members, too.”

Referring to JTBC’s entertainment program “Camping Club” on which Lee Hyo-ri appeared with Fin.K.L members, she confessed, “It felt weird to gather together. In the past, there were many things that were uncomfortable and annoying. But it’s all good now. I understand why they were like this. Our relationship got better after ‘Camping Club’. We talked a lot about secret stories.”

When Eun Ji-won said his company is YG, Lee Hyo-ri drew laughter by saying, “You’re under YG? Are you under the same company as BLACKPINK? I thought you’re kinda oldish, but you are doing well.”

When asked if he will release an album, Eun Ji-won revealed, “I’m releasing an album because I want to perform, but it can’t be full because of social distancing.”

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