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Korean TV show had cast members taking stress, depression and anxiety tests. Surprising effects of diets?

The members of KBS show “Diet” are surprised to receive the results of unexpected stress tests.

The 9th episode of the KBS2 TV show “Diet” (directed by Choi Jina), which will air on June 25th, will depicts members conducting stress, depression, and anxiety tests. It is said that a member received a completely different result than what was expected, which stimulates curiosity.


In the teaser for the upcoming episode, Kim Shinyoung suggests that members of “Diet”, who are stressed out due to various causes, should receive overall psychological counseling in accordance with their stress tests, and the members visit the hospital.

At the hospital, members share their difference stresses, with Ko Eunah and Yoojung worried about congestion, Ha Jaesook finding it difficult to take care of her diet due to busy schedules, Bae Yoonjung tired of childcare and dieting, and Park Moonchi exhausted from continuous music work.


The members will also conduct tests on the autonomic nervous system (a test that measures stress rather than whether it is stressful or not), as well as tests for depression and anxiety. Members who received the results were surprised by their unexpected results, and Yoojung in particular, even said, “It’s a little scary,” raising questions about the main broadcast.

The episode is expected to be a time for viewers who are on a diet to look back on themselves and be comforted, seeing that it is common for dieting people to be stressed for various reasons, including stagnation while dieting, and in severe cases, depression.


The stress, depression, and anxiety test results that surprised all the members of “Diet” will be revealed in episode 9 of the show, which will be released on June 25th. In addition, each member will receive customized prescriptions for a healthier diet, and express concerns and solutions that will elicit sympathy from fellow dieters.

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