Korean netizens argued about Lisa’s digital music ranking in Korean charts

As one of the top famous female K-pop idols in the world, Lisa’s solo debut is something that many people are eagerly looking forward to. Finally, at 13:00 on September 10 (KST), Lisa officially released her first single album titled ‘LALISA’ with the MV for the title song of the same name.

As expected, with a large fan base and strong support from non-fans, Lisa has achieved some impressive achievements as a female solo artist. As expected, the MV ‘LALISA’ has dominated Youtube with the support of fans all over the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries.

According to the display counter, after only 24 hours, the MV ‘LALISA’ has reached 70.4 million views, becoming a solo artist with the highest view MV in Youtube history within the first 24 hours. The MV also took only 2 days and 1 hour to reach 100 million views, becoming the fastest MV to reach 100 million views by a solo artist in Youtube history.

In terms of album sales, the debut single album “LALISA” also achieved a number of other achievements such as surpassing the 400,000 album copies in China, setting a record for a female solo artist with the highest first-day sales on the Hanteo chart (Korea) with 330,129 copies. As for the international digital music segment, the song “LALISA” reached No.1 on the iTunes chart in 67 countries and territories.

The digital achievement of the title song ‘LALISA’ was very good internationally, but it was extremely disappointing in Korea. This song debuted at No.3 on Bugs chart, No.25 on Genie chart, and No.34 on Melon Top 100 chart. However, within 24 hours, ‘LALISA’ started to gradually decrease in rank. Unable to enter the top 10 (even on easy-to-boost charts like Bugs), BLACKPINK’s maknae’s debut song only ranked between the top 30 and the top 90 of the Melon, Genie, Bugs, VIBE and was even kicked out of FLO.


Many people were dissatisfied with the achievement on the first day of ‘LALISA.’ The reason for this is because the first day is when the song receives the most attention, but the achievement is not particularly good. Things will be even more ‘disastrous’ if we compare it to Jennie’s first-day solo successes with ‘SOLO’ and Rosé’s first-day solo achievements with ‘On The Ground,’ as seen below.


On the Melon Top 100 chart on the evening of September 12 (KST), the song ‘LALISA’ only fluctuated between places 70 and 72. Because the Melon chart recently modified the regulations and established favorable conditions for streaming, ‘LALISA’s’ achievement is only comparable to it of Kpop groups with little popularity.

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Lisa’s position is barely in the top 70, which has sparked debate on Korean internet forums. Knet expressed astonishment at the song’s low rating. While in Korea Lisa may not have a lot of support, nevertheless, the female idol’s digital music section should not go downhill like that with the reputations of BLACKPINK and YG.

Knets stated that the reason was still that the song ‘LALISA’ was not a catchy song. Many people disliked this song because of its fragmented melody parts, and rather unappealing lyrics. Others believe Lisa could have done better if she had been given the appropriate song.

Knet previously believed that YG only let Lisa debut at the request of fans, so they didn’t pick the song carefully and didn’t care how it performed on digital music charts. Lisa’s company and fans appear to be relying only on MV views and album sales to demonstrate her success with her solo debut.

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