Even Jennie has times when she’s not confident “I was looking pretty right until now”

BLACKPINK Jennie captivated fans with her easygoing appearance.

On June 19th, Jennie posted a video titled “Coachella vlog” on her YouTube channel “Jennierubyjane Official”.

In the video, Jennie was on a flight to LA. Jennie explained, “I’m on the plane heading to Vegas. Coachella is just two weeks away so I’m off to rehearsals. I have embarked on my first flight that will keep me overseas for a month.


Jennie said, “I was looking pretty right until now. But my manager just passed me the camera right after I got all changed. I’m all prepped for my flight mode. Once the flight takes off, I’m going to wash off my makeup and make myself comfortable. What a pity! I put in a lot of effort and dressed nicely. I can’t wait to get this makeup off and put some lotion on.


After arriving in LA, Jennie went out to eat. Jennie joked, “I can eat oysters now! I’m totally an adult now.” She transferred her tip, “It’s been a couple of months since I started eating oysters. I tried it for the first time during tour. You should have lemon with oysters.” Afterwards, she showed a bright side while watching the O show.

Meanwhile, Jennie’s group BLACKPINK will hold the BLACKPINK world tour “Born Pink” in Paris on July 15th.

Source: My Daily

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