Former IZ*ONE member Honda Hitomi’s shocking current situation… “Horrible expression” on Japanese variety show

The recent situation of former IZ*ONE member Honda Hitomi (21) was reported.

Recently, a post titled “Honda Hitomi’s recent status after returning to Japan” was uploaded on an online community. The author wrote, “She is said to be appearing on various entertainment programs in Japan.”

The photos in the post showed Hitomi appearing on “AKB48 LIVE SHOW”, which aired on April 3rd. Currently, she is active under the Japanese group AKB48.


In this program, AKB48 members were participating in a game in which they sit on a chair and push the buttocks from afar to stop the approaching man most closely.

Korean netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “Japan still has such a program”, “I hope she comes back to Korea”, “I can feel the members hate it just by looking at their facial expressions”…


Meanwhile, IZ*ONE, to which Hitomi belonged, disbanded after about two years and six months as their contract expired in April last year.

Afterwards, Hitomi returned to her original group AKB48. In February, she said on her Instagram, “I achieved my longtime dream after about eight years of my debut. I took the center position in AKB48’s fifth single album, which will be released on May 18th.”

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