A 4th gen male idol apologized for mocking the viral facial expressions of Billlie’s Tsuki in “GingaMingaYo”

After being called out for making fun of Tsuki’s expressions, this male idol issued an apology. 

Recently, Dohyun of 4th generation boy group MIRAE came under controversy for disrespecting Billlie’s Tsuki. Specifically, in a Vlive broadcast with two other MIRAE members, by sticking out his tongue and rolling his eyes, Dohyun was imitating the viral facial expressions of Tsuki in Billlie’s song “GingaMingaYo” in a mocking way and thinking it was funny. The video of Dohyun doing this blew up and garnered nearly 1 million views on Twitter. Billlie’s fans and netizens criticized Dohyun for being rude. 

Dohyun later went back on Vlive and directly said sorry to the fans and Billie members, admitting he was wrong and lacking. He said he would accept all the criticism for his rash action. He also prepared a handwritten letter of apology. Dohyun revealed he had delivered his apologies to Tsuki herself and Billlie’s management company, Mystic Story.

MIRAE Dou Hyun

Dohyun was born in 2000 and debuted last year as the lead vocalist of DSP Media’s boy group MIRAE.

MIRAE Dou Hyun

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