Known as the boss of K-Pop but SM Entertainment also has dozens of undeniable weaknesses

Despite being no.1 entertainment company with huge sales in Korea, SM still has weaknesses like many other companies.

Their digital is relatively low, compared to the general level

Always topping Big 3 but SM Entertainment’s digital bottomed the list. The reason is that in recent years, SM is no longer indulging in public music but concentrating on experimenting with new genres.

It was not until Red Velvet won the PAK certification that people realized that this was the first PAK title that SM gained after years of producing music and releasing many hit songs. Even for the SM recruits, the digital score is even worse. Fortunately, SM’s groups often have strong fandoms, ready to stream all night to salvage idols’ ranking.

SM has no monster rookie

Surprisingly, a big company like SM Entertainment has never owned a monster rookie. Most of SM’s idol groups are not well received by the public at the time of their debut.

Songs of the SM rookies often do not stand in the top of the digital music charts. In return, this company is very strong in the album sales. Maybe this is SM’s strategy for the fandom to build a solid band before developing new music and images.

There is always a member considered the no-talent beauty in the group

Undeniably, SM is a company that gives appearance importance. To get into SM’s eyes, one has to be extremely beautiful. If they do not have good Korean standards, they must have their own attractiveness. Therefore, many talented idols have been rejected by SM because they do not have sparkling appearance. One typical case is G-Dragon.

However, because some SM’s idols are so beautiful that sometimes they are not recognized for their talents. In any SM’s group, there are always one to two members labeled the no-talent beauty because they do not have a prominent role in the group apart from their visual role.

Their idols are not good at rap

If you feel that SM is missing something in the production of music, then it is rap! Few SM rappers are highly regarded, most of them only at acceptable levels. SM’s rappers rarely appear at rap competitions such as “Show Me The Money”, “Unpretty Rapstar”, etc.

If they do, they will get many dissatisfying comments from the public. Some SM idols are said to be unexpected rappers because they do not sing well, so they have to take on rap. This lack of understanding is understandable because SM’s direction is not hiphop-oriented, so the company does not have high requirements in this area.

Coordi has a super weird taste

K-Pop fans have been so upset with the fact that SM’s coordi makes the idols look ugly. The victims are NCT, Red Velvet, and EXO (when debuting). Currently SM’s coordi has improved, but has still been criticized from time to time for being outdated and choosing unsuitable outfits for the idols.

Giving unjust treatment to artists

Maybe SM is one of the few companies that has the distinction of discriminate the idols. The groups that SM has favoured have a blossoming career, regular comebacks, and strong fandoms. In contrast, groups that are not SM’s favourite often become white mice for SM to test new things. These groups do not make a comeback often, causing their fandom extremely dissatisfied.

SM makes the worst dramas in Korea

Starting with the 2nd generation idols, SM Entertainment is very diligent in making idol dramas so that the artists have the opportunity to show off their talents. However, except for “Sharp # 2”, the drama produced by this company often has low ratings such as “To The Beautiful You”, “Heading To The Ground”, “Paradise Ranch”, etc.

Even the drama of the radio that have SM’s artists did not receive good responses from the public. Right now, D.O is SM’s brightest star in the show. With the exception of newly-recruited actors, not many actors actually choose the films produced by SM to try.

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