“20th Century Girl” Kim Yoo Jung, “I got hurt a lot during work, but I have not once thought this isn’t the right path” 

Former child actress Kim Yoo Jung boasted her maturity at 23. 

Kim Yoo Jung recently had an interview with My Daily in Seoul. Earlier on October 21st, she visited viewers in more than 190 countries around the world through the Netflix movie “20th Century Girl.” 

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“20th Century Girl” is a memory of 1999 recorded in a videotape that arrived one winter, and 17-year-old girl Bora (Kim Yoo Jung) called herself a love’s Cupid to fulfill her best friend Yeondoo (Noh Yoon Seo)’s first love. In just three days after its release, “20th Century Girl” took second place in the Netflix Global Top 10 films (non-English) category, gaining huge popularity. Not only that, it also made it into the Top 10 of Netflix in 33 countries including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, and Mexico.

Kim Yoo Jung took on the role of Na Bora and delivered another great performance. The loyalty of Na Bora in her friendship, her diligence in observing every move of Baek Hyun Jin (Park Jung Woo), how she supports the unrequited love of her friend Kim Yeondoo, various aspects of the character is well portrayed by Kim Yoo Jung. 

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Kim Yoo Jung debuted in the entertainment industry through TV commercials at the age of 5 in 2003. She has been active for over 20 years and received much love from the public. She has appeared in various dramas such as “The Moon Embracing the Sun”, “Love in the Moonlight”, “Backstreet Rookie”, “Red Sky”, “Clean with Passion For Now”, and more. 

On this day, Kim Yoo Jung firmly said, “I’ve never thought of another way other than becoming an actor since I was young. When I entered high school, I thought the most about how to move forward, but I never once thought this path was not the right choice.”

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She showed off her passion for acting, saying, “I didn’t even have time to think about another path, and I didn’t even think that I should. Acting is the job I think I can do with the most confidence.”

Kim Yoo Jung added, “However, there were times when the balance of my body broke down while filming. When I got into such a situation, I was worried that I was making it difficult for myself.”

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Kim Yoo Jung also gave generous support to those who were also child actors like her. She said, “I’m glad that actors who have acted since they were young like me are doing well these days. I don’t know why but I think I can relate to them and want to keep supporting them. Regardless of whether we had ever met somewhere or not, I want to root for them with a supportive heart. Everyone is walking on their own path, but we will cheer for each other in some unknown places. Whether my heart reaches them or not, I will just naturally continue doing so. I deeply hope they all become more successful. If we’re all doing well, I think I can gain strength from their places”. I want to think ‘I will also work harder’. Above all, we are colleagues who have not worked together for a long time, so I think we should not be ashamed of each other”, expressing her affection.

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In addition, the actress sincerely shared, “I don’t come forward to give advice myself but I can tell others to just ask me. Just as how Han Hyo Joo unnie made me feel comfortable with her by telling me to talk to her if I had a hard time, I also said that to others. I’m still in the process of taking my next step, but this process is not easy at all. So I hope friends and junior actors who are having the same worries as me don’t get sick, don’t get hurt, and always stay healthy. It’s not easy to do so, so I tried to think about what to do to avoid pain as much as possible. In an interview, I once said that I wanted to stay as a child actress until there is a good environment for child actors to act comfortably. Of course, filming environments are getting better and better, but I hope other friends can feel a little more comfortable while working and don’t have to go through confusion. In addition to the job of being an actor, there are two sides of me. I worry a lot about that. However, I’m trying to be careful because I have to feel and experience things myself to know them properly before telling you different stories.”

Kim Yoo Jung confessed, “I was hurt while working more than anything else. There was a period of confusion and instability in my career and also a period of self-discovery.”

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She said, “When I was younger, I focused more on age than career. I’m still in my early 20s and I still have a lot more to experience in the future. No matter how young I am, I keep reflecting on myself that there will still be much more I don’t know.”

Kim Yoo Jung added, “Now, after a chaotic period, I am in a stable, comfortable, and peaceful state. This is the result of trying to develop the strength to think alone, to decide by myself, and endure on my own. I really tried various methods. PT, Pilates, etc. I work hard in a variety of ways, I have a lot of hobbies. I traveled alone, and was able to become stronger by spending time alone like this. After I became an adult, I slowly solved my problems one by one, and I think I got through it well.” 

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