Heechul (Super Junior) was accused of disparaging Nayeon (Twice) ‘s appearance, angry fans demanded to ‘free’ for Momo

Because of suspecting that Heechul commented on Nayeon’s appearance, many Twice fans criticized the male idol fiercely on social networks.

Recently, Heechul (Super Junior) was involved in a controversial incident involving member Twice and a friend of his who is former NBA basketball player. Just because of a small situation, the story became a hot topic at forums in Korea and made the male idol receive a lot of criticism.

Heechul (Super Junior) was accused of disparaging Nayeon (Twice) 's appearance, angry fans demanded to 'free' for Momo

In a recent Twitch live stream, former NBA basketball player Ha Seung Jin recalled a drunken conversation he had with Heechul. According to Ha Seung Jin, he knew Heechul was dating TWICE’s Momo, and he joked about how there are memes of his own alleged resemblance to TWICE member Nayeon.

Heechul (Super Junior) was accused of disparaging Nayeon (Twice) 's appearance, angry fans demanded to 'free' for Momo

Netizen Korea quoted Seungjin in the livestream: 

“I drank with Heechul Hyung not long ago. You all know who Heechul Hyung is dating, right? Anyway, he showed me a photo of Nayeon and teased me about how I look just like her”.

Heechul (Super Junior) was accused of disparaging Nayeon (Twice) 's appearance, angry fans demanded to 'free' for Momo

Some netizens then suggested the two men were making fun of Nayeon’s appearance. Later, this information reached Twice’s fans and a wave of criticism spread. They claimed that Heechul had acted improperly with members of the JYP girls group and scolded him as ‘hypoccrisy’, ‘disrespectful to women’. In addition, many people also suggested that he have to break up with Momo because he is not worthy of being the boyfriend of her. On Twitter, #HEECHUL_OUT #FREE_MOMO hashtags are constantly being pushed up with negative words aimed at Super Junior member. Not only Heechul but also Ha Seung Jin was criticized. . They criticized the streamer for talking about Momo, who is in a public relationship with Heechul, as well as Nayeon in a way that sounded like bragging and mockery.

Ha Seung Jin has since deleted the live stream video on Twitch and made a public apology about the situation. He also explained he realized his mistake after the stream and personally apologized to those he named publicly.

Ha Seung Jin wrote as follows:

“I’m writing this to apologize for a video I uploaded recently.

Last week, I mentioned the real names of a couple of people during live broadcast and made those people feel very uncomfortable. After the broadcast, I realized I made a big mistake, so I called them to apologize for putting them in a difficult and uncomfortable situation. After that, an edited video on my YouTube channel was posted, putting them in a difficult situation once again. It was a highlight reel that I posted lightly, so I didn’t think to monitor all of the content. After deleting that video, I gave the victims another apology. I am sincerely sorry for hurting those I mentioned to the point that might not be recoverable. I will make sure I don’t commit any more thoughtless actions. I’d also like to apologize to the fans of the idols I’ve mentioned. I’m sorry.”

It is easy to see that in the above messages, Ha Seungjin only mentioned and apologized for naming the real name and private life of the idol without permission. He did not mention that the biggest controversial issue was the bad talk behind Nayeon’s back. So what is the truth?

Many fans later discovered that Korean netizens distorted the truth about the story. According to the livestream, Ha Seungjin said that he told Heechul that he felt guilty about Nayeon. When Heechul asked why, Seungjin showed Heechul the netizen form comparing the looks of Nayeon and Seungjin. In the end, both were furious at the point that the behavior was disrespectful to both of them.

In addition, Heechul explained to fans himself. The content Heechul told completely coincided with the truth that fans found out.

Heechul has now explained his side of the story on SM Entertainment’s ‘Dear U. Bubble’ platform. He wrote as follows:

“”When Seung Jin and I were drinking together before, Seung Jin was talking about my dating rumors. He told me, ‘I’m so sorry to Nayeon and her fans.’ I asked him why, and he showed me a picture of a look-a-like meme made by anti-fans. I looked at the picture and said, ‘There’s a lot of trash in the world. That was really bad,’ and cursed at them. Seung Jin then said, ‘I was hurt too. You have no idea how bad I felt about it.’

It was just an XX-like get-together with 2 drunken men. We never spoke ill of anyone. To be honest, we were so drunk that I don’t know exactly what we talked about. It was just a gathering with 2 sons of bitches. After his live stream, Seung Jin told me right away about the drinking incident, and he apologized again and again. I scolded him and said, ‘There are a lot of people who’ll try to pick on us. There are a lot of people who make 1 into 100. Be very careful. Don’t do that in the future.’ He was apologetic.

I wondered what it could be when I got memes and malicious comments in direct messages this morning. There’s no reason to know whether it was a misrepresentation or an edit of what netizens said. Seung Jin said he’d take responsibility and apologized, and in the moment, I got so angry that I said something harsh. I’m sorry for saying such harsh words to Seung Jin.

Something like this won’t happen again, so please don’t go after Seung Jin too much. I’m back to my senses after you guys comforted me. I hope that we can have only happy and good things in the future without situations like this. Thank you. Good night, everyone. I cursed at Seung Jin and scolded him, so please sleep well, everyone.”

Heechul said this was just a chat between two men on the wine table. They did not defame or ridicule anyone. Heechul also confirmed that Seungjin called right after the livestream broadcast to send his constant apology, and Heechul also warned Seung Jin to be careful because: “There are many people who are always trying to catch our loopholes. They always make a mountain out of a molehill. You must be careful. Don’t do it again in the future.”

Heechul (Super Junior) was accused of disparaging Nayeon (Twice) 's appearance, angry fans demanded to 'free' for Momo

After all, the male idol said he received a lot of criticism from this. It doesn’t matter whether he was misunderstood or an anti deliberately distorted, Heechul said. The problem is that Seungjin was aware of his mistake when mentioning idol names unintentionally. Heechul emphasized that he was also angry and scolded Seungjin so he felt sorry for the male basketball player as well, and that he hopes people stop criticizing Seung Jin. 

Heechul (Super Junior) was accused of disparaging Nayeon (Twice) 's appearance, angry fans demanded to 'free' for Momo

At this point, many people realized that it was not Heechul who laughed at Nayeon, but on the contrary he was defending she when criticizing those who compared Nayeon and Seung Jin.Corrections also appeared, but perhaps everyone involved had read these criticisms and felt hurt, including Heechul and Twice. Many people hope that the fans have to stay awake and do not let rumors from Knet ‘lead around by the nose’ again.

Heechul (Super Junior) was accused of disparaging Nayeon (Twice) 's appearance, angry fans demanded to 'free' for Momo
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