Kim Jae Joong mourns the late Moonbin, who was known as “Little TVXQ”

Former TVXQ member and singer Kim Jae Joong paid tribute to the late Moonbin with a heartfelt message that has everyone in tears.

ASTRO member Moonbin passed away suddenly on the 19th at the age of 25. The entertainment industry is in deep sorrow and the wave of tributes has been ongoing.

Kim Jae Joong mourns the late Moonbin, who was known as “Little TVXQ”. Among many celebrities who have been mourning, former TVXQ member Kim Jae Joong, who has a connection with “little TVXQ” Moonbin, also paid his tribute.


In particular, Kim Jae Joong posted an Instagram story with a black background on the same day, along with the message, “I hope you are happier in heaven”, causing viewers to shed tears. 

On the other hand, Moonbin had appeared in TVXQ’s “Balloons” music video, which was released in 2006, as one of the”Little TVXQ”.

Moonbin, who had been active as the unit “Moonbin & Sanha” with fellow ASTRO member Sanha until just before the sad news, was found dead at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul around 8:10 pm (KST) on April 19th. His passing came suddenly, making it even more heartbreaking. 


Regarding the sad news, ASTRO’s agency, Fantagio, stated that Moonbin’s family want to hold the funeral quietly, and asked people to refrain from speculations so that the bereaved family can mourn in peace. The funeral process will be held on April 22nd. 

It is known that ASTRO members JinJin, Sanha, MJ (who was in military service), and former ASTRO member Rocky, are guarding the mortuary at Seoul Asan Hospital.

Cha Eun Woo, who hurriedly returned from the United States upon hearing the sad news, is also expected to join.

Source: wikitree

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