Red Velvet has just made a comeback but already gets criticized for wearing too revealing clothes

The stage outfit worn by Red Velvet Joy received criticism from fans.

Red Velvet Joy

On March 28th, a post titled “Joy’s coordinator is so disappointing” was uploaded on the online community Nate Pann. In the post, photos of Joy‘s stage outfit when attending SBS’ “Inkigayo” on March 27th were posted.

Joy performed on the stage with a purple skirt, a crop top and Pucca hair. However, fans expressed their disappointment, saying, “Joy is having her heyday for this album, but that outfit is a miss”, “Joy is taller than other members, so she looks bad with short costumes” and “Her outfit is too short.”

This was not a problem that happened only to Red Velvet. The stage costumes of other girl groups are also making headlines. In fact, many girl group members who are not tall tend to choose short-length costumes to make their body proportions look prettier.

However, outfits that are shorter than underpants sometimes made audiences frown. It is because attention is now only focused on the uncomfortable stage costumes rather than on the colorful stages and performances prepared by idols.

It is a good thing that idols are trying to lead the trend and constantly taking challenges, but since the age of debuted idol is getting younger, it’s time to clearly keep the line.

Joy made a comeback as a member of Red Velvet with the mini-album “The ReVe Festival-Feel My Rhythm” (hereinafter referred to as Feel My Rhythm) on March 21st .

The album sold about 227,000 copies in a day, surpassing the first week sale record of 207,000 copies of the previous album “Queendom”.

Red Velvet‘s “Feel My Rhythm” is a pop dance song that samples Bach‘s “Air on the G String”, featuring delicate and elegant string melodies, intense trap beats and fantastic vocal harmony of the members.

In addition to the title track “Feel My Rhythm”, a total of six songs were included: “Rainbow Halo”, “Beg For Me”, “BAMBOLEO”, “Good, Bad, Ugly” and “In My Dreams”.

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