Karina (aespa) caused controversy because of her solo dance performance at MAMA 2021: Her dance skills remind Knetizens of Irene (Red Velvet)

Many netizens think that Karina (aespa) is really not talented enough to have a solo dance performance at a big music awards ceremony like MAMA 2021.

MAMA 2021 opens with a special stage with the participation of 6 4th generation idols including Hyunjin (Stray Kids), Wooyoung (ATEEZ), Yeonjun (TXT), Yeji (ITZY), Karina (aespa) and Heeseung (ENHYPEN). Their joint performance, called ‘BlooM the Sound‘, was described as an important stage to convey the main message of this year’s show ‘MAKE SOME NOISE‘ to international audiences.

This is not only the opening stage but also has great meaning, so the organizers said that 6 idols all worked hard to practice to bring the perfect performance. As these 6 names are all main dancers in their groups, fans expected them to deliver powerful and skillful dance moves. And indeed they did when almost all of them received praise from Knetizens, except for Karina (aespa).

Karina’s solo dance performance at MAMA 2021

Many Knetizens voiced their disappointment after watching Karina‘s solo performance. Many people have noted that, while the female idol is very beautiful, her aura and body proportions are also very appealing, her body movements are not. Karina‘s performance, when compared to the other prominent dancers, revealed her shortcomings.

Many netizens, on the other hand, defended Karina, claiming that the performance was too short to judge Karina‘s ability. However, many other Knetizens stated that the other 5 idols also only danced for a short time, but all did very well. Only considering female Kpop idols, Yeji outperformed Karina in terms of dance abilities.

Performing on the joint stage, Yeji's dancing skills are said to be superior to Karina’s
Performing on the joint stage, Yeji's dancing skills are said to be superior to Karina’s
Performing on the joint stage, Yeji’s dancing skills are said to be superior to Karina’s

Many Knetizens believe that SM should have let Winter take the stage instead of Karina. Although Winter is not exactly the best dancer in the 4th generation, she still does better than Karina, especially, she also had her own solo dance stage at MAMA 2020 and received a positive response. Many netizens pointed out that they recognized Karina‘s efforts but she couldn’t dance naturally, which led to aespa‘s center being compared to Irene (Red Velvet) – who is also extremely pretty and appealing but was assessed by Knetizens as ‘not born to dance’.

Once again netizens compared Karina's dancing skills to Irene's
Once again netizens compared Karina’s dancing skills to Irene’s

Some comments of Knetizens:

  • She reminds me of Irene.. She can’t dance!
  • Karina is beautiful and has good proportions but she simply cannot dance.
  • 30 seconds is too short~ Can you judge her dancing ability with this amount of time?
  • She doesn’t dance well… I don’t think any aespa member can dance well.
  • Honestly, I feel like it would be better if they chose another member instead of Karina.
  • I like Karina but I never thought she danced well.
  • But Karina was never famous for her dancing skills right? She is just aespa’s center and visual. I don’t understand why SM is pushing Karina in terms of dance. Even when she was a backdancer* she didn’t do well. (*Karina used to be back-up dancer for Kai’s stage before debut)
  • Her dancing skills are just average. Seriously, why does SM keep pushing her like she’s a good dancer?
  • Karina also danced in the debut teaser, is she the main dancer? Personally, I think Winter dances better than her
  • She’s the best dancer in aespa, but when she does her solo stage, she looks like Irene…
  • Yeji does much better than her


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