Kang Dong-won Likes His Current Old Man Look, “Manager Nagged Me About Taking Care Of My Appearance”

Actor Kang Dong-won talked about his new film and looked back on the 20 years of his acting career

Kang Dong-won conducted an interview with Tenasia regarding his new film “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” at a cafe in Seoul on September 21st.

“Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” is a movie about fake exorcist Dr. Cheon (Kang Dong-won) who cannot see ghosts but solves the case with ghost-like insight, and is commissioned for a powerful possession case.

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Introducing his work, Kang Dong-won said, “It was a new genre with various attractive points so I thought it would be so interesting to join. The material and the story were very fresh. I really enjoyed the filming”. When asked about his feelings after watching the completed movie, the actor said, “I think it came out more fantastic than the original scenario. They actually tried many new things within the given production budget.”

Regarding his experience of being the only leading character in the movie, Kang Dong-won shared, “Although there were other actors, it was very pressured to lead all the stories. Since I’ve been shooting a lot of movies, I feel less burdened than before and I think I can control myself better now.” He added, “But I always feel nervous on the premiere date”.

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Kang Dong-won looked embarrassed whenever he received compliments for his appearance at the press conference. In this regard, the actor confessed “I actually feel good knowing I am aging. I think I can now play many roles that match my real age in the future”, adding “As an actor, it’s good to see my face looking great on the screen. I looked younger than my age in the past, but now I think I have gotten a little old and I like it”.

When asked about his self-management, Kang Dong-won laughed and said, “I’m trying to visit the dermatologist often these days. My manager told me to take better care of myself and nagged me a lot”. He added, “After watching the movie, I think I look more like an old man now. I really like it because I look the same as my age”.

Kang Dong-won also looked back on his debut 20 years ago. He shared, “I lacked many skills when I debuted. I debuted after taking acting classes for three years. Of course, I still have many things to improve now but after acting for 20 years, I feel more relaxed and free now. No matter what kind of difficult scene they give me, I will try to express it in different ways. I’ve gained a lot of experience after doing various characters”.

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Regarding the efforts he has made as an actor, Kang Dong-won said, “An actor shouldn’t get trapped in his own world. You need to know how the world works and never lose your sense of reality”, adding “That’s why I always watch the news. I feel comfortable with noise, so I turn on the radio, news, and YouTube videos while doing other things. I also meet friends in various fields to communicate with them. We talk about various things apart from the entertainment industry and I get a lot of inspiration from such conversations.”

Lastly, the actor emphasized, “Acting is very interesting. I like being on the set. I used to get stressed out when going out for the shoots, but now I get excited about all the schedules I have every day.”

Source: Daum

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