Kai (EXO)’s father passed away due to a chronic illness!

EXO members and the whole EXO-L fandom have just received a heartbreaking news about Kai’s father passing away.

On May 8th, Korean media reported the news about Kai’s (EXO) father passing away. According to the information, SM male idol’s father had suffered from a chronic illness. He departed this life on May 7th.

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“Kai’s father passed away yesterday due to a chronic illness. Kai is currently staying at the wake, and the funeral will be held quietly with family and relatives. We ask for your consideration so that the family can grieve his father’s passing.” – SM Entertainment

This is such a painful news to Kai, EXO members and the whole EXO-L fandom. More information, Kai is in the process of re-arranging his schedule for his drama filming to come back for the funeral. EXO members and SM staff will also go and pay their respects. Currently, Kai is in the funeral home. His family wants to hold the funeral ceremony in private with the visitations of the relatives and close friends.

Fans are really worried about Kai as the bad news came right at the moment when he is busy with preparations for his drama and EXO’s music products. Moreover, Kai’s father had always been by Kai’s side and been his inspiration to overcome all the hardship in his career. Hope that with all the support and comforts of EXO members and EXO-Ls, Kai is going to be able overcome this great loss.
Once again, we send our sincere condolences to Kai and his family!

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