K-pop stars’ stage kisses: HyunA surprised G-Dragon; BLACKPINK, BTS make fans go crazy with excitement

Kpop has always been famous for being a strict environment for idols.  Therefore, it is the idols who always have to “keep their distance” and pay attention to their every action, word, and gesture.  In particular, with big names like BIGBANG, Lee Hyori, HyunA, BTS, Super Junior, BLACKPINK, etc., every move is scrutinized by netizens and becomes a topic of discussion.

However, many times these popular Korean idols show their naughty little sides on stage, the most daring is to exchange passionate “stage kisses”.

TOP – Lee Hyori

2nd generation Kpop fans will hardly forget the legendary MAMA stage of the two famous Kpop representatives at that time, BIGBANG and Lee Hyori in 2008. During the performance of the collaboration song Haru Haru, TOP has gently kissed Hyori’s lips.  It is known that according to the script, T.O.P just kissed the 10 Minutes vocalist’s on the forehead, however, BIGBANG’s representative did it differently and kissed her lips, making the audience there burst with surprise.

Hyun A – Hyungseung

The Cube family’s TroubleMaker couple has “burned” fans’ eyes many times with a series of intimate images in the MV.  However, with their performance at the 2013 MAMA stage, HyunA and Hyunseung still made viewers “gasp” in shock at the hottest kiss when performing the song NOW. Even the most popular names like BIGBANG are surprised by the boldness of these two Cube vocalists.

IU – Taeyang (BIGBANG)

As the most successful female solo artist in Korea, IU still does not hesitate to show her fangirling toward her idol. Kpop fans are not unaware that IU is extremely fond of BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

Therefore, understanding the heart of a true fangirl, in the show “Invincible Youth”, IU had the opportunity to share the stage with the main vocal of BIGBANG.  And not to miss this rare opportunity, IU used all her courage to give Taeyang a quick kiss on the cheek.  Despite being brave on stage, right after showing a kiss for the idol, IU shyly ran backstage, making fans laugh at the super cute reaction of the “national younger sister”.

Jennie – Rosé

During BLACKPINK’s concert in 2018, while performing the song Really, Jennie playfully kissed fellow member Rosé’s cheek on the cheek.  A light kiss on the cheek not only surprised fans but also made Rosé burst into laughter.  It was the lovely interaction of the two BLACKPINK members that made the Really stage more sweet and cute.

V – Jungkook (BTS)

As a couple that is enthusiastically shipped by fans, the interaction of the two guys V and Jungkook has always received the attention of fans.  And as if understanding fans’ hearts, in a BTS concert, V did not hesitate to kiss the back of the neck of the “golden maknae”, making Jungkook just dumbfounded.  What’s even more remarkable is the appearance of Jimin.  In the sweet context of the Vkook couple, the main vocal of BTS is like an “invisible person”, and the fans are so happy because it has been a long time since the VKook couple’s ship had the chance to set sail.

Mina – Sana (TWICE)

Two Japanese members of TWICE, Mina and Sana, always attract a large number of fanboys and fangirls because of their luxurious visuals, which can accommodate all concepts whether it is cute or sexy.  Not only that, the interaction between these two members also makes viewers excited, typically Mina and Sana’s stage kiss in 2018.

With Sana’s kiss on Mina’s forehead, many fans screamed because it was too sweet. Not only seeing the amazing visual duo in the same frame, but also witnessing this sweet interaction, fans will surely wish to witness this moment at TWICE’s concert.

Heechul – Sungmin (Super Junior)

Famous for his cheerful, humorous, and open personality, Heechul once made fans “laugh out loud” for teasing fellow member Sungmin.  Specifically, in Super Junior’s concert series, Heechul filled the stadium with shock when he passionately kissed Sungmin. What made the audiences even more surprised was that Sungmin did not protest, but on the contrary … responded to Heechul fiercely.  The moment between the two Super Junior boys has left a remarkable impression in their fans’ hearts.

Source: K14

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