Son Ye Jin just appeared with a strange appearance, sparking rumors that she is pregnant

Fans are surprised by Son Ye Jin’s unusual attractiveness in a new set of promotional pictures.

There have been numerous rumors that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will marry soon after their dating news was reported by Dispatch earlier this year. There were even rumors that the two stars had sold their Seoul house and moved to Guri, Gyeonggi. Due to the actress’s unusual expression in the new pictures, there have even been suspicions that Son Ye Jin is pregnant.

Son Ye Jin’s face became plump, and her lips were unusually swollen in this set of pictures, which contrasted with her typical delicate and graceful attractiveness. People began to wonder what had happened to her appearance, with rumors spreading that the actress is pregnant and has gained weight as a result. Son Ye Jin also appeared a few days earlier in a loose outfit that looked like a pregnancy dress, which increased suspicions. However, many people believe that her face has been affected by a new makeup style or photo editing.

In the new series of promotional photos, she was still very beautiful, but her face was full as if she has just gained weight. Her lips were abnormally swollen
Fans are confused by the actress’s new appearance.
The actress has always been known for her gentle, elegant face, as in this image. Many people believe that her face was affected by photo editing, but there have also been countless rumors that Son Ye Jin has gained weight because she is pregnant with Hyun Bin’s first child.
People are even more suspicious that she is pregnant after seeing her in a long dress recently.
Last month, people went crazy over the photo of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin going shopping together like a married couple
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