“Hospital Playlist” series to have a prequel about the college days of Mido&Falasol, PD Shin Won Ho joins as creator

According to the report by Star News on June 1st, it was confirmed that PD Shin Won Ho will participate in producing the prequel of “Hospital Playlist” as a creator.


This project will be directed by another director other than PD Shin Won Ho, the main director for the “Hospital Playlist” series. The content of the prequel will be about the college days of the band Mido&Falasol consisting of five main characters Lee Ik Joon, Chae Song Hwa, Kim Joon Wan, Ahn Jung Won, and Yang Seok Hyung. This drama will center on memories of 20 years before they become doctors.

During the broadcast of “Hospital Playlist”, the five leading actors dressed as college students and performed their college days in several flashback scenes themselves. However, since the setting of the new drama primarily takes place in the past, the old main cast, including Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Kim Dae Myung, will not appear. Nevertheless, the names of the characters will be kept as they are.


This is the first time a drama featuring adult actors as the main cast in the first place will produce a prequel focusing on the character’s youth even after the main series ended. Therefore, this new season is expected to receive enthusiastic reactions from viewers.

The production team is conducting auditions with designated actors for the new drama, similar to the casting process they used for the “Hospital Playlist” and “Reply” series. This unique audition method, known as “Shin Won Ho’s picked team”, requests actors to participate without having any staff together with them. They will be given a situation without explanations of specific scripts or characters, and have to showcase free acting. The casting is underway focusing on finding new actors.


“Hospital Playlist” is a medical series by PD Shin Won Ho that began airing in March 2020. It depicts the daily life stories of five med school colleagues in 1999 who can understand each other well just by looking into each other’s eyes at the hospital where they work together after becoming doctors.

In particular, the first episode of “Hospital Playlist” Season 2, which ended in September 2021, achieved an average nationwide rating of 10% with a real-time peak of 12.4%, securing the title of first episode’s highest viewership record in the history of tvN dramas at that time.

Source: Naver

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