K-pop idols with unusual comeback promotions: fromis_9 dances on home shopping broadcast & TWICE challenges planting rice

Many idols nowadays are trying to remain in the public’s memory by trying various promotional methods apart from singing and dancing.

Girl group fromis_9 recently made a surprise appearance on the vacation special episode of CJ On Style’s fashion program “Hit The Style”. Leader Lee Sae Rom became a one-day host for the broadcast on behalf of the group. That day, fromi_9 introduced carriers. The members volunteered to be models and posed with the carriers as if they were taking a photo shoot.

fromis_9 Hit The Style

Although it was their first time appearing on a home shopping broadcast, fromis_9 smoothly conducted the show, showing off their diverse charm and creating an enjoyable shopping atmosphere for viewers. Lee Sae Rom meticulously explained the durability of the product, while other members brought laughter with their unique poses using the carriers. Through the corners, such as “What’s In My Carrier?” and “My favorite travel destination”, the members also showcased their witty talks. The main colors of the carrier introduced on that broadcast were completely sold out. fromis_9 ended the broadcast with a performance of their title track “#menow” from their first full album to fulfill their “sold out” promise. The product’s seller was able to attract viewers’ attention with fromis_9’s energy and also gave the girl group an opportunity to promote their new song.

TWICE appeared on news and current affairs/culture programs to introduce their new song. It’s common for idols to promote through variety shows, but it was such a unique move that TWICE decided to show up on news and current affairs/culture broadcasts.

In June 2020, TWICE released their album “More & More”. The girls decided to choose KBS1’s “6 O’Clock My Hometown” as their first terrestrial broadcasting activity. Members Chaeyoung, Mina, Sana, Momo, and Jeongyeon traveled to Yangpyeong, Gangwon Province, wore colorful rubber band pants, and challenged farming tasks, such as planting rice. Their appearance, helping with rural work and enjoying a meal together, was heartwarming and charming.

Dahyun served as a one-day weather forecaster on JTBC News “Morning 7”. With her cheerfulness and lively appearance, Dahyun skillfully delivered the weather news and provided joy to viewers by introducing TWICE’s new songs and showing off her charms in an interview with the news anchor.

twicr dahyun

Zico also transformed into a one-day weather forecaster to promote his new song. On the day he released “Summer Hate”, Zico appeared on MBC’s “News Today”. Taking on the role of a weather forecaster, Zico caught the eyes of viewers by delivering weather news using the highlight parts of his new song’s choreography. During the broadcast, Zico said, “Since this song contains weather-related lyrics, I came up with the idea of delivering weather news by myself”. Netizens who watched the program gave positive reviews, saying “I was both surprised and happy to see him on the broadcast”, “Thanks to Zico, I had a great time on my way to work”, etc.

JTBC News Morning Zico

Such unexpected appearances of singers and their creative promotional activities leave a lasting impression on the public. It is a win-win strategy that allows the audience to have fun experiences and the singers to achieve good promotional results.

Source: Daum

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