“Street Man Fighter” dancers, controversy over NewJeans “Hype Boy” caricatures

Dancers appearing on “Street Man Fighter” are causing controversy by ridiculously covering “Hype Boy” of HYBE’s rookie girl group NewJeans.

Recently, a video of “NewJjinddaseu” imitating NewJeans‘ dance was uploaded on Instagram Reels.

In the video, the dancers changed NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” choreography to the so-called “Jjindda” (loser) version.

The dancers made caricatures, such as sticking their butts out, covering their faces, flapping blankets over their faces and shaking their legs excessively. In the background, the actual “Hype Boy” music video was playing, which made it more comparable.

This scene reminds everyone of a scene in the music video for NewJeans’ “Hype Boy”.


Previously, NewJeans released 4 versions of the “Hype Boy” music video for Minji, Hanni, Hyein and Danielle-Haerin. In Hyein’s music video, Hyein turned away disappointed when the man she liked ridiculously copied her dance. Netizens who saw this responded negatively, “Did they copy the music video on purpose?”, “I guess they want to get attention”…

Source: nate

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