K-netizens React To SM Increasing Concert Ticket Prices Again

SM continued raising the prices of tickets for TVXQ concert following Taemin concert

A netizen on theqoo recently made a post titled, SM concert ticket price update (feat. TVXQ)”, arousing keen attention.

Sharing a screenshot of the announcement on TVXQ’s 2023 concert ticket sales, the netizens pointed out, “A regular seat is 165,000 won”

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They added, “Both concerts are in December and at the same place. The regular seat for Taemin’s concert, which will be held first, is set at 154,000 won (after raising the price). Then they increased the price again this time (with TVXQ’s concert). Soundcheck tickets for the two concerts are both 198,00 won”

Previously, SM faced a backlash for raising the ticket prices of SHINee Taemin’s concert although they made comparisons and criticized HYBE for selling expensive tickets. 

In response, other netizens commented:

  • Seriously… They just criticized HYBE not long ago… Look at them raising the price…
  • Everyone seems to think it’s okay to raise the prices because they’re doing business on fans. But it’s not like they’re providing better service. Such a bunch of bullies
  • Can they fill that venue in Korea? I guess many Japanese fans will come
  • It’s so freaking expensive
  • Whether it’s SM, HYBE, or trot concerts, they’re all raising the prices. The concert inflation itself is the real problem, not just about TVXQ concert
  • Since SM and HYBE are competing with each other, they will keep raising the price~ Only their idols and fans suffer damage
  • How can they raise the price every month like that?
  • Concerts are so expensive now. Who started raising the price first?

Source: theqoo

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