Top 5 fashionistas of 2022 according to W Korea (ft. BLACKPINK Jennie and NewJeans)

Famous fashion magazine W Korea recently revealed their Top 5 picks for fashion icons in 2022. 

The fashion of celebrities has always impacted people’s shopping lists, and the same applies for 2022. In fact, the OOTD of popular stars is basically the summary of this year’s trend, boasting their inner power via diversity. To wrap up the year, here is a list of Top 5 fashionistas that inspire people’ looks in 2022. 

Bella Hadid 

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

It is impossible to talk about trends without mentioning Bella Hadid, the leader of Y2K fashion in 2022. From cool street looks to high fashion, Bella Hadid’s style inspires various trendy people and inspires excitement within the fashion crowd. Iconic items popularized by the model include jersey jackets, parachute pants, long skirts, hair bands, leg warmers, uggs, and more. It is also expected that Bella Hadid’s fashion, which instigated the hottest trend in 2022, will also continue next year.


BlackPink Jennie

In 2022, Jennie leads both domestic and international fashion trends. A born to be celebrity, the BLACKPINK member is not only beautiful and talented, but also has a natural sense of style. Called the “human Chanel”, she has mastered not only high fashion but also street items. From low-rise pants, big quilted bags, crop tops, to Adidas sneakers, the items that sell like hot cakes after being donned by Jennie are truly diverse. And the reason why people are crazy over her? Simple, everything looks pretty when Jennie wears them. 


newjeans thumbnail
NewJeans thumbnail

The trending idol group NewJeans, who excellently combines highteen with Y2K, evoked envy for Gen Z and nostalgia among other generations. NewJeans’ fashion, which makes the crowd happy just by looking at it, has become a trend in itself. In particular, the group steal the spotlight with their unique teen vibes and sporty looks through items like beanies, cargo pants, biker shorts, colorful hair clips, pleated mini skirts, and knee-high socks.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner‘s style, which is based on minimalism, is unparalleled. Her fashion sense, which cannot be left out when discussing trends, has continued in 2022. As her main items are minimal items that can be easily styled anytime and anywhere, she gained great popularity as a reference for daily look. The wardrobe of Kendall Jenner, who has been a great inspiration for our fashion through easy-to-follow styling, is perfect in itself. 

Dua Lipa

dua lipa

Dua Lipa presents a bold match of color and silhouette, as well as a fashion sense full of personality. As a global fashion icon, Dua Lipa easily pulls off any mood and look with her unique style. Since she represents the fashion of Gen Z,  Y2K fashion is a must-have in Dua Lipa’s closet. While her daring style is daunting to wear, Dua Lipa’s fashion has captured the hearts of fashion gurus.

Source: W Korea

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