After the end of a steamy romance, new excitement with GOT7’s Jinyoung approaches Kim Go Eun in “Yumi’s Cells 2” 

In the first teaser video for “Yumi’s Cells 2”, Kim Go Eun has her heart fluttered by Park Jinyoung. 

On May 16th, the first teaser video for TVING’s original series “Yumi’s Cells” season 2, which is scheduled to premiere on June 10th, was released. The teaser begins with scenes from Yumi’s past romance in season 1, from the moments she poured her heart into budding love with Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), to their sweet kisses, to the days she cried alone. The story told in the last chapter of Yumi’s life, which wrapped up with a tearful breakup, ends with her writer cell screaming “cut”.

All of Yumi’s cells are saddened by her ending with Gu Woong. Her emotional cell, anxiety cell, and even polite cell speak up to demand a better ending. While other cells complain about the ending, Yumi’s writer cell shows a relaxed smile and says, “I knew this would happen, so I prepared this! It’s the script for season 2!” All the cells start cheering. The long-awaited comeback brings life to the cell village.

Yumi’s story, which she thought was over, begins again. The appearance of Yoo Babi (GOT7’s Park Jinyoung) raises expectations for the new changes and excitement that are about to come to Yumi in her second chapter. 


In the teaser’s last scene, Yumi hesitates at Babi’s words, “Let’s go together.” When she reluctantly says, “Well, I don’t know If I can…”, Babi understands her heart and confidently says, “You can,” making her heart flutter.

The change in the relationship between Kim Go Eun and Park Jinyoung is expected to present a different excitement from season 1, now that Yumi has grown even more after her split from Gu Woong. Yoo Babi, who has shown off his warmth and friendliness since the last season, promises to return with more exciting charm. Above all, the sweet and romantic chemistry between Kim Go Eun and Park Jinyoung is heating up viewers’ anticipation.

Yumi's Cells 2

Source: entertain.v.daum.net

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