EXO Kai: proud of 10-year-old niece being class president, but she doesn’t mention him at school

EXO Kai recently showed his affectionate side towards his niece and nephew.

On March 15th, during the KBS Cool FM radio show “Lee Gikwang’s Gayo Plaza”, HIGHLIGHT Son Dongwoon acted as a special DJ, and EXO Kai, who recently released his third solo mini-album “Rover”, appeared as a guest.

When faced with the balance question “Becoming a pet dog vs. Becoming a niece/nephew”, Kai chose the latter. He then explained, “My niece and nephew are 10 and 8 years old. I’m not their father, but their uncle. I think that’s the perfect relationship.

Son Dongwoon empathized, mentioning his 13-year-old twin nieces and how enjoyable their time together is. Kai agreed, saying, “That’s when I feel happy. If I were a niece or nephew, I would receive praise, gifts, and allowance from uncle Kai. I know exactly how to get an allowance from uncle Kai, so being a niece or nephew would be perfect.


Kai then proudly shared that his niece recently became a class president, bringing pride to their family.

Son Dongwoon guessed that the niece must mention, “My uncle is Kai” at school, to which Kai replied that she doesn’t. He explained, “She’s really smart and has great leadership skills. In our family, most of us are introverts (MBTI I-type). But she seems to be the only extrovert (MBTI E-type). Seeing her as class president makes us proud. It’s quite rare in our family.

However, when Son Dongwoon praised him as the “class president of the music industry,” Kai humbly refused. 

Recently, after the release of his new song, Kai has been building friendships with other artists like SF9 Yoo Taeyang, drawing attention from fans.

Kai also shared his excitement for upcoming music show performances, mentioning how emotional he felt when he last saw his fans. He said, “The last time I saw my fans, I cried. I was so touched.”

In response to a question about meeting fans through concerts, Kai said, “I will be working non-stop throughout the year, so there will be many opportunities. I can’t give specific details, but I will meet fans in the way they are looking forward to.

Source: Nate. 

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